Watch for these software X factor upgrades

The future of IT begins in June, with Apple's Snow Leopard, AMD's Istanbul CPU, and large-scale GPUs

Sun's vision to standardize IT

By giving away software that might otherwise be used to shackle customers, Sun earned customers' trust -- and pointed to a more meaningful way of delivering technology

Can you fix it? Yes, you can

Instead of service plans, buy spare parts. Instead of new systems, invest in CPU and memory upgrades.

Rich online apps can learn from the old IBM 3270 terminal

Whether they run on your server, in your hand, or in the cloud, remote applications should favor reliability over a desktop look. The good apps can go for both

Unix. IT should ask for it by name

Would you rather have a vendor's promise to interoperate with competitors' systems, or a contract obliging them to do it? Unix is the contract

Where does Intel's Nehalem get its juice?

Etched somewhere in Intel's new quad-core CPU are the origins of a massive speed boost for Apple's new Mac Pro

Taking AJAX literally makes lousy Web apps

As little as possible should be the rule for JavaScript, which must play a supporting role to CSS and HTML

AT&T U-verse turns the triple play

It's no mean feat to get the Internet, telephone, and entertainment combo exactly right, but AT&T may have the formula

AMD's six-shooter is loaded and ready

AMD's next big thing for servers is the Istanbul six-core Opteron CPU; it's much more than the sum of its cores

Self-guarding storage for ultimate server security

Thousands of dollars of security software can't guard against local threats as well as a $3 chip can

Viewers respond to video: The power of 'emotional metadata'

Nothing tops video's ability to teach, sell, sway, or convince. Streaming video players can tell you whether your message hits home -- and how viewers react to it

AMD spins Moore's Law in IT's favor

Does Moore's Law of rising transistor density necessitate disruptive system reengineering? AMD thinks not

Windows 7 beta uses trickery to fix Vista compatibility

Microsoft is determined to make Windows 7 a much cleaner upgrade than Vista, even if it has to tell a few lies to do it

The key to the next economy

Everyday visionaries and information technologists will rebuild the collapsed economic house of cards

The ABC's of CES

CES is filled with companies looking to cash in on the global public's desperate need for fun

Apple won't be missed at Macworld Expo

Here's to future Macworld Expos featuring keynote speakers who don't have to walk eggshells to avoid alienating Apple

Parallelization is next performance horizon

Parallel execution, streaming, batching, and coprocessing will blast through architectural bottlenecks to pull next-frontier performance out of mainstream hardware

When in trouble, can your phone find you?

In an emergency, knowing where you are is paramount. Your phone can save you if you know its limitations

After building up and out, it's time for in and down

Big, hot, loud servers waste a lot of time doing what efficient, DC-powered black boxes can do. The next step in the virtualization cycle is vacation.

Is the BlackBerry Storm doomed for lack of Wi-Fi?

RIM's design-out of Wi-Fi dooms the BlackBerry Storm in the same way that lacking essentials have buried the iPhone 3G and Wii -- not at all.

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