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How to Use On-Box Python Scripts for Cisco Devices

As a junior network engineer at a university I wrote a lot of management scripts in Perl.  I had scripts to do things such as check switchport configurations and upgrade switch code. Times have changed a lot since then. The...


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The Why, What, and How of App Hosting on Cisco Routers

What if every time you wanted to roll out an app, you didn’t need to figure out what new computer/server you were going to put it on? What if I told you that there were computer resources built into your network? And what if I...


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The ‘New’ Network? But I Grew Up in the ‘Old’ Network. How Do I Get Started?

On June 20th, Cisco unveiled “The Network. Intuitive.” and with it is "Introducing an entirely new era of networking." If you're like me, you’re likely intrigued and asking yourself, “How do I get started?” A great first place to...


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The New Network – It’s for Developers!

With Open IOS XE, Cisco is changing the game Old-school network engineers probably remember the Cisco 2500-series router. It ran a slow Motorola 68000 CPU, the monolithic IOS operating system, and did one thing only:  route...


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DevNet’s ‘Fast Lane Validated’ -- What Does It Mean, and How Does Your iOS App Get Validated with Cisco?

Major developments are happening within the Apple and Cisco partnership as discussed by Susie Wee, VP and CTO of Cisco Devnet in her blog posted on June 5.  The partnership started with iOS 10 and included the higher-quality Wi-Fi...


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Network Automation Confessions of a Support Engineer

In 1994 and 1995 it was Boyz II Men, Pulp Fiction, and the TV show Friends. I was working as a network technical support engineer, and my team had two key accounts for which we were on the hook, 24x7. One was a large financial...


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The Collaboration “Singularity” Is Drawing Closer

Conceived on a napkin in 1993 by Richard Platt and David Tucker at Incite (soon to become Selsius Systems), the world's first IP PBX was a true killer app for the rapidly emerging IP network platform.  Connecting people together...


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What Do Elvis, Mini-Hacks, Cisco, Bruno Mars, Meraki, APIs, and IPAs Have in Common?

That’s right, Cisco Live US 2017. We know it’s a busy event and your calendar is already filling up – but here’s why you need to make time for the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live. And if you aren’t going to Cisco Live but happen to be...


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3 Great Reasons to Attend Cisco’s DevNet Create

For the first time ever, Cisco is putting on a developer conference, DevNet Create, May 23-24, 2017 in San Francisco. If you’re a software developer, you should keep reading. First things, first. I’m sure you’re asking yourself,...


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