Shopzilla buys into big data for fast meta-shopping

VoltDB handles terabytes of daily updates, with up to 100,000 database writes per second, for comparison shopping service

NoSQL helps push the envelope of online advertising

Powered by the Aerospike NoSQL database, Acuity's real-time advertising exchange serves the right ads to the right eyeballs in record time

The real story of how big data analytics helped Obama win

HP Vertica played a major role, as did an org structure that centralized analytics and lowered barriers between teams

Giving big data publishing the royal treatment

U.K. royal society jumps into 21st century with the MarkLogic NoSQL database, opening 170 years of content to public view

Powering real-time marketing with big data analytics

Data integration, columnar database solution enable marketing agency to crunch hundreds of terabytes, deliver 360-degree view of customers

General Electric lays out big plans for big data

Drawing on sensor data collected by GE industrial products, a new wave of analytics will create vast opportunities across a range of industries

Astronomers crunch big data to map the galaxies

The first cloud analytics platform for astronomy uses machine learning to process hundreds of terabytes of imagery and metadata

Big data visualization: A big deal for eBay

As one of the world's largest e-commerce websites, eBay analyzes huge quantities of data -- with data visualization providing valuable insight across the company

Big data drives high performance for

Analysis of Web user clickstreams and machine-generated log files helps auto shopping site increase revenue and defend against malicious bots

Unraveling the mystery of multiple sclerosis with big data

Confronted by a varied, 250TB data set, researchers opted for a huge hardware upgrade and analytic techniques based on the R statistical language

Williams-Sonoma uses big data to zero in on customers

To target individual customers, Williams-Sonoma needed data from a broad swath of sources, a Hadoop platform, and a dashboard to make sense of it all

Facebook pushes the limits of Hadoop

You'd think that 100 petabytes would be big enough data for any business -- but not for Facebook

Fighting cancer with 3D big data visualization

In correlating huge patient and gene data sets, interactive 3D visualization lets researchers accelerate analysis and open up data to broader range of scholars

The big data journey has begun

Relentless data growth has conjured up new technologies for data analysis and unprecedented opportunities for insight