The problem with smart watches: They're watches

Sadly, the focus on technology means that today's wearables aren't solving problems that people actually have

If you think phones, tablets, and computers are smart now, just wait

Contextual computing is happening in ways that once seemed to be science fiction, thanks to the connectedness of everything

The futility of the single-device solution

Maybe one day a single device will adapt to different use cases, but until then, embrace the power of having multiple devices

Trusty mobile tools and tips for the road warrior

The essential tips and apps for maximizing your mobility when traveling

The right way to manage BYOD

A tiered access approach to information assets is the key to effective mobile security

Why almost everyone gets it wrong about BYOD

Whoever owns the device, mobile use should encourage enablement, but too many organizations fall into control trap

The divided IT-business team can only lose

When the business units and IT aren't playing as a real team, everyone loses except those selling them tech

The secret to IT business success: Stop focusing on the tech

Too many IT organizations buy a thoroughbred when the business needs plow horses

Don't fall prey to the mobile malware hysteria

Malware is an inconsequential risk in iOS, and Android can be fairly safe if users stick to Google Play for apps

Beware the classification trap when securing your data

Too many businesses craft a detailed data security plan that takes years, giving employees little choice but to access data without any controls

When users protect their data, they protect the business's data, too

Tools can force the use of security mechanisms like passwords, but they're a poor substitute for a personal stake in safety

Stop treating mobile as a cost center

You won't net much savings for your company if you don't consider mobile's value along with its costs

How a trickle of BYOD costs can turn into a deluge

A few dollars in excess usage here, a few in overseas roaming there can make BYOD a pricier approach than it's worth

Forget tech strategy: Business strategy is what matters

Technology strategies are often useless because they're not expressions of a business strategy

The 10 plagues of mobile

The Passover story is an apt parable for today's office workers yearning to be set free

IT versus Angry Birds: Time to stop being the pig

The productivity police role is wrong for IT and wrong for encouraging real productivity

BYOD is a four-letter word for too many

'Bring your own device' needn't be 'bring your own disaster' -- it can be a productivity dessert instead

Buzz off: Fixing mobile's interruption culture

Checking your email and responding to every alert at dinner, in meetings, and so on is simply bad etiquette

Fearmongers miss the point on mobile security

Mobile security is too focused on securing the barn doors after the horses have gone, not about protecting the horses

An ode to BYOD

Forget all the nonsense about cost savings and productivity -- true as they may be, the real reason for BYOD is personal

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