Gripe Line bids farewell to the faithful

A tip of the cap to the Gripe Line community, whose tech support input and insights have proved invaluable to all


No one's Facebook profile is safe

When both the Facebook founder and the president of France are targeted by hackers, it's time to revisit your security settings


Tuning in to Twitter for world news

Twitter can be a valuable news source if approached with the right combination of curation and curiosity


More misadventures on Facebook

Social networking provides a growing market for sleazy business practices -- and the antidote to exposing scams as they happen


Facebook con artists on the rise

Leaving your social network profiles public could leave friends and colleagues at risk of fraudulent acts


Hidden CES gems: Self-service tech support

Being on-call IT support for family and friends just got a little easier, thanks to self-service tools unveiled at this year's CES


2011: The tipping point for tech support

Start respecting your support techs -- or risk derailing the pace of innovation at your organization


Cratchit Hall of Fame 2010: The candidates

Nominees for the Bob Cratchit Awards are coming in -- one would make even Scrooge proud


Cratchit Hall of Fame: Call for nominees

Time to offer up a few kind words to the techies and technologies that made our lives a little better this year


France luring tech jobs with R&D tax credits

Not all tech jobs are heading to India and Eastern Europe -- some of the plum ones are finding a home in Paris


Fostering innovation as a matter of policy

A lesson in technical innovation from an unlikely locale -- the Rhone Alps region of France


The ever bleak future of tech support

Just when you thought tech support couldn't get any worse, trends suggest our tech-savvy workforce may be in decline


A silver lining to HP tech support

Despite taking flak at the Gripe Line, Hewlett-Packard is winning awards for service -- thanks in large part to experts like you


Held hostage by service calls

Waiting at home for installation or repairs can feel like a prison sentence -- and costs U.S. businesses $13 billion per year


How to protect hard drives against cold weather hazards

With cold weather coming, does my laptop need special protection? I asked people who should know


ATM skimming: Cash machine paranoia justified

One in five people have fallen prey to ATM skimming. Here's how to avoid getting robbed


Ditching your mobile contract when cell service drops off

For one T-Mobile customer, relocating to a no-service area should not mean having to honor a cellular contract


Readers weigh in on telemarketing, printer ink, and poor HP service

Gripe Line faithful share telephone survey pranks, the upside of refilling printer cartridges, and woeful tales of HP disservice


The myths and strange science of printer ink

A quest to cut ink costs illuminates several truths about printer consumables


Roxio upgrade goes awry

Nearly indistinguishable packaging turns one reader's Creator Pro upgrade into a major headache


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