Motorola gets behind Android

After a dismal Q1 report, the cell phone manufacturer has announced plans for several handsets running Google's mobile OS

Is Windows Mobile 6.5 worth getting excited about?

The software giant keeps teasing us with reports of an upgrade -- but is it just smoke and mirrors?

Tuning up to the mobile Web

Gomez and dotMobi have joined forces to create the first mobile Web benchmarks

Waiting for Android

When it comes to actual, physical handsets running Android, there's been a lot more talk than action

The iPhone fights back!

It's been called useless. Frivolous. Trendy. But the iPhone isn't taking it lying down anymore

Smartphones aim to help improve your health

iPhone apps, Android, and Sprint are extending smartphone functionality into the medical field, making the handsets even more indispensable

BlackBerry App World already has competition

RIM Announces its App World at CTIA with a noticeable lack of Skype; MobiHand tries to get in on the game

BlackBerry App World coming April 1

We're hoping its not an April Fool's Joke: RIM is expected to announce the BlackBerry App World at next month's CTIA

Track travel expenses with your BlackBerry

Concur's new mobile solution helps travelers book trips, find restaurants, and complete expense reports

Open source meets mobile

Just in time for this week's Open Source Business Conference, Mozilla and the Open Handset Alliance preview their latest wares

The iPhone cleans up its act at last

Finally, Apple listens to its customers -- but the real gains are in the new APIs rather than belated cut and paste

Apple feeds the rumor mill; Symbian gives detailed info

Apple and Symbian compete for headlines with news of upcoming software upgrades

All the talk about Google Voice

Google Voice is getting more coverage than Brangelina -- here are the highlights

Cydia annoys Apple with rogue app store

A new download site makes unauthorized apps available to everyone

Nokia updates and Spotify warnings

Nokia 5800 users get a firmware fix, while Spotify users get hacked

The era of the mobile app

Handset manufacturers compete for developer attention as apps become an essential part of the mobile experience

Manufacturer recalls plague handsets

Embarrassment reigns as recalls go out for phones from AT&T, LG, Nokia, and RIM

The mobile application explosion

When it comes to apps, it's the iPhone and then everyone else, but new stores from Nokia, Palm, and Microsoft could change that

Keep your smartphone safe

As mobile malware becomes an increasing threat, users get a hand from AnchorFree

Smartphones get greener

The smartphone industry is moving beyond greenwashing to develop inventive devices that won't gum up landfills or waste power

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