12 ethical dilemmas gnawing at developers today

Code is changing the world, which means that programmers have a lot more power than many of us would admit. Peter Wayner considers the ethical ramifications of 12 everyday programming decisions.

Methodology madness

Over the past two decades, several methodologies and well-known industry figures have shown us various techniques to help us run our software development projects more efficiently. However, the use of these processes has often...

Which app server suits you?

Application servers are a necessity in multitier application architectures today. However, deciding which one to purchase and leverage can be tough. Anil Hemrajani discusses the major free and commercial offerings available. (600...

Javaware: The challenge of staying current

Since the advent of the World Wide Web and Java, the number of new standards, tools, and technologies introduced has been astounding. How do you decide what to specialize in, and how do you manage to stay current in this ever changing...

Java against the (Microsoft) world

Sun and Microsoft have always been at odds about Java technology, but is it a senseless war? (800 words)

Does Sun understand GUI design?

Sun has done a great job with Swing, but Java has failed to dominate the client side like it has dominated the server side. This could be related to the fact that Sun's roots are in Unix. (650 words)

Are you still using print statements for debugging?

For decades now, programmers have used some form of print statements for debugging, diagnostic, and/or logging purposes. While that technique makes sense for logging and diagnostics, more effective ways to debug your Java code are...

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