Honeymoon for NADELLA, Enterprise Man -- Beware of, fix FLASH exploit -- iPHONE's US smartphone share 42% -- EU commands GOOGLE to heel


NADELLA to lead Microsoft without GATES -- FACEBOOK aTwitter over 'Paper' -- APPLE's content delivery network -- CHROMECAST SDK ports apps to TV


FACEBOOK's Super Bowl tweets more fun than game -- Lots of talk about WHISPER -- Hints of TWITTER commerce emerge -- Secret to happiness in SEATTLE


Nadella in, Gates out @MICROSOFT -- GOOGLE stumbles, splits -- AMAZON forced to raise Prime price -- BOX sneaks IPO filing -- Reset YAHOO email password!


GOOGLE sells Motorola, keeps patents -- FACEBOOK grabs mobile crown -- MICROSOFT eyes Nadella for CEO -- ELLISON: IBM, SAP no longer threats


YAHOO hit by lagging ad revs, Alibaba -- APPLE turns to Enterprise, AppleTV -- FACEBOOK's open infrastructure -- The sad story of @N


Wall Street pushing APPLE to phablet -- NSA likes Angry Birds -- BITCOIN exec charged with money-laundering -- 2013: 1B smartphones served


APPLE bows, producing Phablet -- MICROSOFT winning with enterprise -- SAMSUNG hit high and low by iPhone, Lenovo -- SNOWDEN argues for, um, rule of law -- Pope: Internet God's gift


IBM dumps server unit on Lenovo -- EBAY spinning off PayPal? -- Obama panel: NSA phone collection worthless, illegal -- Protesters visit GOOGLE engineer home


VMWARE buys into mobile -- AMAZON mulled pay-TV offering -- BOTNET strikes again -- FACEBOOK's meta-stalker -- Feds grill Google GLASS moviegoer


BIG YoY jump in iPhone sales -- HP launches Win7 PC promo -- EBAY's digital currency marketplace -- YAHOO tops Google 6th straight month


NSA collects 200M texts daily -- OBAMA yanks NSA leash -- GOOGLE's smart contacts -- IBM drops $1.2B in CLOUD -- NBA's Kings accept BITCOIN -- Business hacked via FRIDGE


MAYER eats crow, cans No. 2 -- Hey, APPLE, size matters in China -- MICROSOFT flavor o' the month: Ericsson's Vestberg -- ISAACSON shorts Apple


NSA taps off-grid computers -- RIP Net neutrality (thanks, VERIZON) -- GOOGLE spent $17B on M&A in two years -- Mega-Troll sues FTC


GOOGLE buys your home, Droid moves in -- iOS catches up to Windows installs -- MESSAGING app use triples -- 1 in 10K apps successful


GOOGLE annoys with Gmail+ -- 70M TARGET customers hacked -- Overstock.com, Singapore taking BITCOIN -- PCs suffer 'worst decline' ever -- SNAPCHAT apologizes (sorta)


T-MOBILE talks speed, bargains, trash -- EU, Canada snub US companies over NSA -- Digital MOVIE sales surge -- Snapchat for SUITS


TOSHIBA's 5-in-1 PC -- YAHOO increases vertical -- LINKEDIN sues parasites -- USERS sue Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo -- BIZ STONE's new Jelly


INTEL tries on wearables -- APPLE AppStore sets $10B record -- 1B DROIDS to ship in 2014 -- 3D PRINTER in every pot -- SCHNEIER gets a day job


NSA won't deny SPYING on Congress -- ANDROID eats world: Laptops, desktops, and cars -- EVERNOTE gets slammed -- ZYNGA takes Bitcoin -- SIRI hates 'Her'


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