Offshoring has taken a hit, but may come back even stronger

When the economy gets better, they may start buying U.S. consultancies and transfer that work abroad, too

Vetting cloud providers is tricky business

Reputation and certification go only so far when it comes to choosing vendors in the cloud

More regulations mean more IT jobs

IT will be the beneficiary of the next round of regulations in financial services and health care

Can self-regulation ever ensure compliance?

Macy's refusal to hand over records of lead-laced necklace purchases calls into question the mettle of standards such as PCI

Hybrid model brings security to the cloud

SaaS in a box behind the firewall might just give you the security assurance you need when computing in the cloud

TARP to have little effect on H-1B hiring

Top 12 TARP-taking institutions use fewer than 1,000 H-1Bs

Practical tips for cutting telecom costs

Tight times require fiscal austerity. Here's how to limit your telecom spend without sacrificing service

ARM: A growing force in chip design

Thanks in part to the unheralded ARM, the tech world is moving away from the likes of AMD, Intel, and Microsoft

The never-ending quest for interoperability

From the Pony Express to tools for the intelligence community, it's still about aggregating and recognizing patterns in data

Get smart about the future of IT

Intelligent sensors will further integrate the physical and digital worlds, thereby unleashing ever more chaos on IT

The case for unintelligent machines

Forget complex processes -- for most business problems, single-purpose "dumb" computers might just be the way to go

Turning smartphones into desktops on the go

Flyweight RedFly makes using applications on smartphones practical

Article 708: A new breed of compliance for IT?

Article 708 of the National Electric Code could mean big changes for datacenters as cloud computing creates more and more touchpoints for systems that affect national security

Why procure when you can BYO PC?

As the economy sours and end-users demand a more personal computing experience at work, "bring your own PC" policies are fast finding favor in the enterprise

The dark side of technology

Technology is a double-edge sword, and it's a good idea to understand how both sides of the blade cut

How to survive your outsourcer's downfall

Due diligence and up-front preventative investments are key to ensuring a smooth transition away from a scuttling -- or scandalized -- outsource provider

Rethink your business strategy

Perfect your products before you succumb to the "expand or die" philosophy of business in uncertain times

Biz to IT: Show me the money

A recent survey exposes how important it is for IT to convince line-of-business managers that their IT investments are dollars well spent

Free broadband access is a right, not a privilege

As the FCC nears its vote on whether to open AWS-3 for auction, the Commerce Department has made a stand in favor of stifling innovation

No such thing as mobile security?

A recent congressionally sponsored report shoots down the notion that anything wireless is secure

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