Smartphones find new ally in war against water

P2i shows off nanotech coating that protects your smartphone's delicate innards from the invasive evil of water

MWC: Hands on with security-centered Blackphone

Mobile World Congress's most secure smartphone debuts, stocked with heavyweight encryption and security features

Sneak peek: The big security questions surrounding RSA Conference

This video chat with a pair of experts highlights the important and interesting topics to look for at the major security show

Video: John Oliver chews up, spits out techies at TechCrunch Awards

Uber, commuter buses, out-of-touch execs -- 'The Daily Show' vet leaves no target untouched in Crunchies opening remarks

Video: How Google backs up the Internet

You think your company's backup needs are challenging? Google has an World Wide Web-sized backup plan

Watch the utter destruction of hard drives holding Snowden's data

In newly released footage, computer equipment belonging to the Guardian is destroyed by order of the U.K. government

Preview: See the Aaron Swartz few people knew

The documentary, which premiered at Sundance last week, traces Swartz's life, work, ideology, and tragic demise

Video: An interview with Steve Jobs, rare and unedited

This lost footage from 1990 gives an hour-long uncut look into the mind of the late Apple co-founder

Video: As Macintosh hits the big 3-0, Apple CEO talks upcoming tech

Amid major milestone for Apple's first PC, CEO Tim Cook teases more domestic manufacturing and upcoming Sapphire glass

Video: A toast to C# and lambdas, courtesy of Beer and Code

This video series can not only help make your coding tighter, it can introduce you to new brews

Real tech at CES? The rumors are true

Beyond the shiny TVs and smart kitchen goods, CES 2014 offered true tech breakthroughs too. Check out the highlights

How the NSA was able to snoop on our email

Mathematician Edward Frenkel explains the mechanics behind the NSA's snooping

Video: Meet the homeless man who learned how to code

Leo Grand had been living on the streets when he learned some coding and, ultimately, built and launched a mobile app

Video: Watch every Windows upgrade ever

Or at least Windows 1.0 through Windows 7, as one user chronicles changes to Microsoft's flagship OS over the years

Video: Pour on the ASCII nostalgia

From the Doing More with Less Department comes this fun little demo of fluid dynamics

AT&T introduces mysterious update to thwart unlocked-iPhone resellers

AT&T has made it harder to unlock used iPhones in bulk, perhaps to crack down on once-thriving overseas markets

Video: Orwell's '1984' has nothing on the current surveillance state

Security researcher Mikko Hypponen's TEDx talk illustrates extent to which nearly entire online population is being spied on

Video: Seven databases defined in one song

It's informative and catchy!

From metal to machine: See how the iconic Mac Pro is made

Video: Transformers have nothing on the real-world robots that make the new top-end Mac

Video: How to hack PHP sites with SQL injection

The elegant simplicity of PHP leaves it open to an elegantly simple attack

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