Video: Samsung's 5x bump in mobile data speed

The company hopes the jump in speed will help catapult smartphone sales as well

Larry Ellison and the cloud: Spot the difference!

Back in 2009, Larry Ellison mocked cloud computing; in 2014, he loves it

Video: Find out what's new in C# 6.0

C# vNext, better known as version 6.0 of the venerable programming language, is on the way. Here's what to expect

Video: What's next for JavaScript?

The upcoming ECMAscript 6 will provide the basis for modernizing the wildly popular JavaScript language

Docker founder Solomon Hykes explains Docker

You've no doubt heard of Docker, but if you don't get what it is or why it was created, its founder lays it all out

Video: Meet the most connected man in the world

Google Glass and a smartwatch? Mere child's play to Chris Dancy

Hacker movie wants to be free -- for a limited time

Not just a movie about hackers, 'Algorithm' explores a new business model for viewing content and sharing profits

Video: IBM and Apple forge an enterprise mobile partnership

The companies will work together on enterprise mobility, combining IBM's software with Apple's iOS platform

Linus Torvalds to developers: To succeed, make it personal

In an interview with the IEEE Computer Society, the Linux founder lays out the philosophy behind his and his OS's success

Video: John Oliver lays a dingo trap for FCC chairman

A dingo ate my cable? John Oliver doubles down on linking FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to notorious Australian canine

Watch 'The Daily Show' skewer Google Glass wearers

At long last, 'The Daily Show' sets its stinging sights on entitled, deluded Google Glass users

Video: Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 in 90 seconds

If you're thinking of upgrading your Apple OS, here's what you can look forward to

Al Franken: 'Net neutrality is the free speech issue of our time'

The Senator lays out a strong case for the importance of preserving Net neutrality

Video: Here's your Net neutrality 101 explainer

If you ever get asked to explain what Net neutrality is and why it's important, you can direct your questioner to this video

Video: A beginner's guide to Heartbleed

If friends and family are bugging you for an explanation of Heartbleed and OpenSSL, refer them to this video

Video: The Onion has your killer app right here

Students, babies, blind people -- take it from the Onion: This app will solve everyone's problems

Video: Dive into Docker for app deployment

Want to get started with the hot new app virtualization technology? This guide runs you through the basics

White House to geeks: Get covered by Obamacare and start something

Coders, startup workers, Web entrepreneurs, listen up -- your geek colleagues want you to sign up for health insurance

Video: Watch out, Google Glass -- Sony SmartEyeglass wants developers too

Sony's entry into enhanced eyewear market aims to provide all the functionality of Google Glass in a more discreet form

Video: Stephen Colbert pitches, pokes security pros in RSA keynote

The satirist needles RSA for its NSA links, while also hyping his own security measure, with trademark biting humor

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