5 must-have capabilities for every monitoring system

Solid infrastructure and application monitoring are critical to maintaining performance and uptime, but not all systems will make the cut

The secret to troubleshooting performance problems

Performance problems are among the most difficult to solve, requiring much preparation and well-honed soft skills to undo

Cloud audits often don't mean what you think they do

Some cloud audits provide little actual assurance -- demystifying SAS 70 (SSAE 16), SOC-1, SOC-2, and SOC-3 claims

Where cloud backup fits the bill

Cloud backup might not replace tape, but it can be useful in a wide range of places -- if you know how to use it

What you need to know about today's SSDs

All solid-state disks aren't created equally; here's how they differ and what you should keep an eye out for

The hidden challenges of using cloud backup to replace tape

Replacing tape backup with cloud backup raises all sorts of thorny issues

7 simple rules for better systems testing

Whether you're testing DR procedures or double-checking backups, these tips help you get the most out of those tests

The (welcome) rise of the cloud middleman

A new breed of managed services providers are gearing up to be the cloud brokers and integrators of the future

In a cloud world, developers and admins can't ignore each other

Infrastructure admins and application admins need to better understand one another, especially when the public cloud is involved

VMware VSAN: Inside the revolutionary new approach to storage

VMware's new software-defined storage tech is more than just a new spin on SAN

Understanding the software-defined data center

Fast becoming a buzzword, 'software defined' may not actually mean what you think it means

Lessons from NASA: How to solve problems quickly under pressure

Make sure you have the right tools in place to determine the source of unexpected events quickly -- they do in fact exist

What's worse than a system failure? What you say about it

Communicating well in emergencies is often just as important as working to end the emergency

Those 'invisible' servers could open your network to hackers

Slew of vulnerabilities in IPMI standard for disaster-recovery access leaves unpatched implementations at severe risk

Two key reasons deploying to the cloud is different

Visualizing a cloud deployment as a traditional infrastructure often sheds light on areas you may not have considered

A twist on cloud backup: Protecting your data from you

Although most cloud services offer some form of disaster recovery, few provide critically necessary archival backup

The modern data center's hidden risks: 2 key lessons

As modern data center infrastructures become more complex and interdependent, it's harder to know when a failure of one component will affect others

The 3 keys to designing a private cloud -- or data center

Even if you're not ready for a private cloud, its best practices apply to your modern data center today

Microsoft's cloud licensing sets up a compliance nightmare

Beware! Running Microsoft software in the cloud is a confusing mess with serious pitfalls

Seriously, you need to think about IPv6

Although everyone seems to ignore the inevitable, IPv6 will become a reality soon, so plan for it now

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