Pre-JavaOne JDK 8 News

With JavaOne 2013 less than two weeks away, it's not surprising that there have been some announcements in recent days regarding JDK 8 . In this post, I briefly look at these JDK 8 announcements.

Book Review: JBoss Weld CDI for Java Platform

JBoss Weld CDI for Java Platform is a relatively short book (approximately 100 "main" pages) that introduces JBoss Weld , which it describes as "the open source reference implementation" of Java Contexts and Dependency Injection.

Better JUnit-based Unit Tests with NetBeans 7.4 beta Hints

In my last post , I wrote about hints provided in NetBeans 7.4 beta that improve a developer's ability to avoid nasty runtime issues with Java exception handling.

NetBeans 7.4 Beta Hints Warn of Ineffective Exception Handling

There are numerous examples of how Java exception handling can be more difficult than it might first appear and Josh Bloch devoted an entire chapter of Effective Java (both editions) to exception handling.

Book Review: TestNG Beginner's Guide

I was happy to accept Packt Publishing 's invitation to review the recently released (July 2013) book TestNG Beginner's Guide because I welcomed the opportunity to learn more about TestNG . I have read about and played a little bit...

Is Java Riskier than C/C++?

The following is a contributed article from Jon Jarboe of Coverity Is Java Riskier than C? Jon Jarboe Senior Technical Manager, Coverity

Ant Properties Nuances

Every once in a while, I'm reminded of a few subtle nuances of Ant properties that can, when forgotten, lead to confusion when dealing with Ant .

Searching JARs for String (Linux)

I recently thought about writing a Groovy script to search JARs for a specific string, but decided to first look for an alternative rather than writing a script. The alternative needed to be easy to use, freely available, and not...

Groovy Sql and Oracle 'Invalid column index' SQLException

There are some minor potential dangers associated with Groovy's def keyword . The Groovy style and language feature guidelines for Java developers provides some warnings about use of def .

Escaping XML with Groovy 2.1

When posting source code to my blog, I often need to convert less than signs () to their respective entity references so that they are not confused as HTML tags when the browser renders the output. I have often done this using quick...

Enhanced Groovy-based JAR/Manifest Diff Tool

This brief blog post provides another Groovy script that provides simple differencing of two JAR (or WAR or EAR) files and their MANIFEST.MF files.

Comparing Manifest Files with Groovy

My last post discussed comparing the high-level contents of two JAR files using a Groovy script and a 2011 post covered displaying a particular JAR file's manifest file. This post illustrates the combination of those two ideas with an...

Comparing JARs with Groovy

It can sometimes be useful to compare the contents of two JARs. In this blog post, I demonstrate a Groovy script that acts like a simple "diff" tool for comparing two JAR files . The Groovy script shown here, jarDiff.groovy , can...

Common Red Flags in Java Development

In several years of developing, reading, reviewing, and maintaining hundreds of thousands of lines of Java code, I have become accustomed to seeing certain " red flags " in Java code that often (but perhaps not always) imply problems...

Book Review: Learning JavaScriptMVC

Packt Publishing invited me to review the recently published Learning JavaScriptMVC by Wojciech Bednarski . I describe my impressions of this book on JavaScriptMVC in this post.

Java Happenings in May 2013

This post very briefly summarizes some recent (within the past few weeks) developments in the world of Java. Yet Another Java Versioning Scheme Oracle has changed the Java version numbering schema again, this time in an effort "to...

JDK 8's Calendar.Builder

One of the defining characteristics of the brave new world of Java is the increasing prevalence of the builder pattern in the Java space . Groovy , which appears to be the most popular alternative language (to Java) on the JVM, is...

Interesting Java Blog Posts in Mid-April 2013

There have been numerous Java-related blog posts in recent days and I reference and summarize four of them here.

More Reasons to Update to Java 7

In Java SE 7 Update 21 Release and more , Tori Wieldt pointed out that "Oracle has released three updates to Java" this past week: Java 6 Update 45 , Java 7 Update 21 , and Java SE Embe

JDK 8 Javadoc Tweaked For Methods Listings

Since it's beginning, Javadoc output has been largely static HTML with navigation links and simple stylesheet styling of its appearance.

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