The new tech interviews

A new way to validate techie skills

The hidden advantage of support bundles

How collecting info for your support bundles often solves your problem

Don't get hooked on expensive vendors

How to negotiate an excellent deal with your vendors.

Get me off of this stage

How not to give a presentation to a user group

Get out of the Stone Age

You need to keep up with new coding standards to succeed

Consolidating DB servers

Some good advice for consolidating DB servers.

Beware of security best practices

Don't blindly follow best practices

Size versus features

Does the size of your database regulate the features?

Troubleshooting DB processes

A quick guide to troubleshooting database loads.

Your own worst critic

How to be proactive when writing processes

Is SQLPASS there yet?

SQLPASS is finally starting to grow up.

Quest LiteSpeed 5.0 has problems

Be really careful and test as much as you can before upgrading to LiteSpeed 5.0

Syntax nightmares

When going from SQL Server 2000 to 2005, you may be surprised by what you'll find.

My favorite gifts this year

Still don't know what to get that DBA or technology buff in your life? Here are some suggestions that won't steer you wrong

Report Builder 2.0

Microsoft just released Report Builder 2.0 for Katmai

Database superstition

Superstition has no place in database work -- or IT, for that matter

The end-user experience

What is it about end-users that makes them not tell tech support the real story?

Data generation made easy

Red-Gate's new data generator is ready for Katmai (SQL Server 2008)

Quest LiteSpeed 5.0 update

My initial look at the new version of LiteSpeed

How's LiteSpeed doing?

Quest just released LiteSpeed 5.0

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