SSIS architecture: Tips for package design

You can design your SSIS packages in various ways, but you should always keep your goals and other factors in mind

SQL Server Management Objects: Finally ready for prime time

PowerShell gives DBAs a reason to begin using SMO for real, so now we'll find out about all the gory details

Just call it an internal DoS attack

If unnecessarily heavy workloads are hitting your SQL box, it's time to start treating them like inside hacking jobs

Are you a professional coder or a professional baby?

It's time developers grow up and stop making excuses -- and learn to code the right way

A different type of disaster recovery

Have you made plans for recovering from those employees who leave a catastrophe in their wake?

The last-minute Xmas wish list 2009

Here are some cool gifts for that special DBA in your life

IT audits are useless

Auditors and IT seem to speak different languages, even when they're talking about the same data

Be careful when following SSIS best practices

Don't blindly adhere to any old advice

Is SQL Server's latest security hole a real threat?

Sentrigo discovered a new security hole in SQL Server, but so far Microsoft isn't paying attention. Let me show you why they should

PragmaticWorks has some of the best BI training available

It's affordable and timely, and you never have to leave the house

Database tough love

Sometimes it's necessary to exercise tough love to get your systems running well

Getting over layoff depression

You have to get over the depression from being laid off and find your next gig

Microsoft Office 2010 Visual Studio debacle

Visual Studio stopped working in Office 2010, so Sean McCown switched back to Office 2007

What to do when you're unemployed

Here are a few suggestions for keeping your skills sharp and making sure you're at the top of the list when the interviews start flowing again

Microsoft may be taking security too seriously

What is Microsoft thinking when it deployd guards to interrupt a SQL Server presentation?

When you should and shouldn't use PowerShell in SQL Server

PowerShell is cool, but it's not always appropriate. Here's a quick list to help you decide when to use it

What are disaster recovery plans for anyway?

A disaster recovery plan is useless if you're just doing it to pass your audit

When troubleshooting a problem, it's important to ask the right questions

Know what you should ask users before troubleshooting -- it'll save you a lot of time

How compatible is Katmai with Windows 7?

I tried an upgrade to Windows 7 with both Katmai and Visual Studio 2008 installed. How did it go?

What if food were licensed like software?

Could you afford to feed your family if food were licensed like software?

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