How much can your business trust Apple?

Apple's iPhone 5 connector calls into question the company's credibility in respecting specs business customers rely on

Adapt agile to build a better business

Agile methodologies hint at a way to implement business change incrementally -- and thereby establish true business agility

The best way to manage IT projects is to eliminate them

Stop wasting time and effort on IT project portfolio management and start focusing on release management instead

The ins and outs of IT project portfolio management

When managing the IT project portfolio, don't rank projects by priority -- either schedule them or reject them

The black art of estimating IT project costs

To estimate a project's expense, you need to understand and plan it. Anything less is a wild guess that will become an albatross

How Windows 8 tablets could beat the iPad

The iPad is vulnerable to Windows 8 tablets through 'reverse consumerization' -- which also drove early home PC sales

Windows 8 tablets will replace laptops -- by being laptops

Windows 8 tablets will banish most limitations weighing down the current crop of tablets, notably by not acting like tablets

No, tablets won't replace PCs anytime soon

The list of what tablets can do is long and growing, but it's the list of what they can't do that's keeping most employees from using tablets as PC replacements

Tackle big data with little bites

A small team, a virtual server, and an agile approach to data analytics will reap better results than a big team with a hard deadline

Behind the headlines: What next-gen IT really needs to know

From Microsoft Surface to Apple iCloud security, the media keeps missing main concerns for next-generation IT pros

You want big data? Here's your big data

Finding meaningful sources for big data is no slam dunk, nor is dealing with executives' dreams of banking on IT's latest trend

Next-gen IT starts with you

No matter what your job is within IT, it's up to you to either move the organization forward, or scuttle it

Migrating to the cloud means more work than you think

Moving applications to the cloud requires designing for the cloud, not following familiar paths to greater inefficiencies

Cloud computing is not IT's enemy

Executive dysfunction -- not cloud computing or BYOD -- is to blame for the devaluing of IT

Next-gen IT: It's not about BYOD

Buzzwords like cloud computing, mobile, and agile don't apply either; instead, it starts with the basics of a healthy business

Surviving your company's Steve Jobs wannabe

Supreme confidence -- without a record of success -- can destroy a company. Here's how IT can deal with Great Dictator disease

To fix IT, diagnose what ails the business first

If you hope to become a next-gen IT operation, you must know your organization's signature dysfunction to overcome it

Good IT architecture means knowing when to take control

How much of your IT architecture should you manage centrally? The answer depends on your organization's maturity

Is your IT architecture up to code?

Enterprise technical architecture is a lot more about regulation than you might like to think

How to convince the boss good architecture matters

Like all preventive medicine, IT architecture management is vital to organizational health -- and a hard sell for business buy-in

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