19 principles every IT leader should heed

Want to be a next-gen IT leader? Here are the most important principles for business leadership -- especially in IT

Don't let consumerization be the free lunch that eats you

When it comes to enterprise tech, price is almost an afterthought. So why let it dictate what you do in the cloud?

Don't believe the drumbeat against IT

Pundits predict a future of seamless technology solutions without need of meddlesome geeks. They're dead wrong

A parable of business change: Turning prey into predators

Every part of IT is optimized for the company you support right now. Change, however, is complicated

Big data's pitfall: Answers that are clear, compelling, and wrong

Doing big data right takes sophisticated techniques to ensure ad hoc results are reliable

Don't expect big-time results from big data

Big data is here, but barriers suggest success will be modest; for many companies, it may prove unsettling and disappointing

The realist's guide to BYOD and why it's a long-term trend

BYOD will continue to be a successful IT trend because there's nothing standing in its way

The realist's guide to cloud services and what they're good for

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS -- cloud computing comes in many flavors. Here's how to tell which one best fits your business

A holiday card to the IT industry, 2012

Windows 8? Ignore it. BYOD? BYOB. NoSQL? No worries. Keep your perspective and it's all good or at least more than good enough

How can IT compete with SaaS? Ask your mechanic

Take note, IT: Jiffy Lube lures customers by offering specific services without extensive overhead -- just like cloud providers

NoSQL: Shadow IT that could sink you

Get to know NoSQL before your CMO signs you up for an integration nightmare

Windows 8: Growing pains and marginal gains

Windows 8 isn't the disaster you've heard it is. Instead, think of it as a learning experience for Microsoft and users alike

Next-gen IT trump card: Trust

IT efficiency begins with effective decision making. Here, the card game bridge can be IT's guide

Features alone won't make Apple enterprise-ready

IT doesn't just buy products. It enters into relationships with vendors, looking beyond features to find the right fit

How management fads are killing IT

Even the best tech strategy can't survive foolish management. Here's one management fad that's simply not smart

Microsoft's meaningless RT license could sink Surface

Microsoft's boneheaded Office RT licensing strategy holds an essential lesson for improving IT decision making

Learn from Apple: Having fans means you're always forgiven

What lesson can IT take from Apple's new Lightning iPhone connector? That if someone is your fan, you can do no wrong

How much can your business trust Apple?

Apple's iPhone 5 connector calls into question the company's credibility in respecting specs business customers rely on

The best way to manage IT projects is to eliminate them

Stop wasting time and effort on IT project portfolio management and start focusing on release management instead

The ins and outs of IT project portfolio management

When managing the IT project portfolio, don't rank projects by priority -- either schedule them or reject them

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