Tom Yager

The feds crush telco competition

The government says we pay more for phone service than it's worth -- it should know

Every phone needs Google Voice

Only Google has the Swiss to pull off a telco and medium-agnostic telephony bridge. Privacy's a small price to pay

Office 2008 for Mac reworked

A new update to Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac boosts speed, adds features and slays bugs

Palm's Linux secret makes the Pre

The Palm Pre is no thriller as a smartphone, but the SDK reveals the most open mobile platform on the market

MacBook Pro soars to new heights

The best laptop money can buy is primped and primed for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Windows 7, and professionals of all stripes

Is Apple's push notification enough for the iPhone?

The Apple Push Notification Service is a free, simple, and safe way to push data to iPhone apps. It fills iPhone's background process gap, albeit imperfectly

WebKit owns mobile, and iPhone 3G S owns WebKit

Nokia, Android, Iris Browser for Windows Mobile, and Palm Pre all share the WebKit open source renderer, but iPhone 3G S shifts it into an insanely high gear

Your next iPhone: iPhone 3.0 update or iPhone 3G S?

Between Apple's free OS upgrade, the new next-generation handset, and the heavily discounted 3G, it's decision-time for both devotees and holdouts

iPhone 3G S shifts iPhone into new gear

Apple's new handset, due June 19, includes dramatic speed boost, better 3-D graphics, compass, and voice control, but no AT&T MMS or tethering at launch

iPhone rumor mill strikes again

Leaked pictures of the new iPhone underline cluelessness of both iPhone fanboys and T-Mobile

Apple's Nehalem Xserve serves the need for speed

Sleek, new Mac OS X rack server sets a far higher bar for performance and power efficiency

T-Mobile makes fixed/mobile convergence real

Unlimited HotSpot Calling ensures that you won't miss that important call

How to fire the phone company

Lots of people use their cell phone as their only phone. Be aware of the pitfalls

iPhone 3.0 betaphiles upset the Apple cart

Carefree users who must be first to run the latest, beta-est, not-so-firmware spell trouble for mobile app marketplaces

Windows 7 Ultimate on Nehalem Mac Pro

Apple's most powerful Mac rides high on the Windows Experience Index

Watch for these software X factor upgrades

The future of IT begins in June, with Apple's Snow Leopard, AMD's Istanbul CPU, and large-scale GPUs

Sun's vision to standardize IT

By giving away software that might otherwise be used to shackle customers, Sun earned customers' trust -- and pointed to a more meaningful way of delivering technology

Can you fix it? Yes, you can

Instead of service plans, buy spare parts. Instead of new systems, invest in CPU and memory upgrades.

Mac Pro: The perfect workstation

With more than double the memory throughput of an eight-core, 3GHz Xserve, the massively parallel Nehalem-based Mac Pro is built to rock your world

Clash of the handsets: Seven smartphones for business

Apple iPhone, Android G1, AT&T Fuze, HTC Touch Diamond, and three flavors of BlackBerry compete for one pocket. Which should you choose?

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