Tom Yager

InfoWorld review: Mac OS X Lion, more than multitouch

Apple's new OS for the App Store era borrows iPad usability tweaks while delivering key new features for businesses and professionals

Apple's radical new Mac server strategy

Mac OS X Lion Server represents a shift toward supporting fleets of iPhones and iPads on business networks

Thunderbolt iMac: The perfect compromise

Apple's blazing-fast, elegant, and economical everything-in-one goes where ordinary desktops can't

Thunderbolt MacBook Pro: The last notebook you'll ever need

If the new MacBook Pro and its amazing Thunderbolt don't blow your mind, you're not paying attention

Follow the money, and the jobs, to Android

Rising R&D spending on Android paints a bright future for the platform

Flash for the iPhone is too much, too late

Adobe gets full points for moxie for making some Flash content targetable to the iPhone, but it's not practical

Android's native gamble puts developers on the spot

Google charts an official course for native third-party code, but stops short of fully native apps and clarity for coders

8 rules users should insist on for quality iPhone apps

Apple should tighten, not loosen, its App Store criteria and keep the App Store way ahead of all the wannabes. These developer rules help do the trick

A big leap in turn-by-turn navigation for the iPhone

A detailed look at Navigon's MobileNavigator uncovers serious innovation and highlights the iPhone 3.0 OS's strengths

Microsoft's mobile limbo

Microsoft bleeds mobile developers and market share every day it lets Silverlight Mobile slip

Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Perfection, refined

Numerous usability enhancements and important reengineering under the hood make Snow Leopard a worthy update to the king of operating systems

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