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Yves de Montcheuil is a recognized authority on digital business trends and information management. A marketing executive with a track record at several successful IT vendors, he is also a strategic advisor for digital companies and runs the International Commission of Tech In France. Yves is a strong presenter, author, blogger, and social media enthusiast.

You can follow Yves on Twitter: @ydemontcheuil, or contact him via LinkedIn.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Yves de Montcheuil and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

Applying microservices and devops to software documentation

From chatbots to Einstein, artificial intelligence as a service

From Salesforce Einstein to chatbots, artificial intelligence is going through always broader adoption and becoming part of the “as a service” landscape

Cloud denial sliding into oblivion

No organization today can pretend that they are 100% cloud-free. As software investments shift toward the cloud, it has become time to embrace the cloud rather than fight it.

How APIs enable e-government

Paying parking tickets on the web is convenient, but API-fication is the real trigger of an e-government platform

From infrastructure-as-a-service to workforce-as-a-service

From an alternative to racks of servers deployed in data centers, cloud computing is becoming the enabler for a scalable and flexible workforce: an on-demand workforce.

Platformization is the scaffold that helps startups build their business faster

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, focus on your core competency

Integration Platform as a Service, the new kid on the integration block

iPaaS is still a fast-moving market segment. What does it do and who are the players?

3 reasons for thoroughly testing your APIs

APIs have become the new middleware, and your business is increasingly relying on them. Yet, the delivery of APIs is rarely industrialized the way modern software delivery is

In 2016, the Internet of things will be the main driver of API infrastructure growth

APIs enable connected objects to call home, send data, and gather instructions

In 2016, the need for an API meta-language will crystallize

After the foundation of the Open API Initiative, API definition languages will finally converge

In 2016, APIs will march toward ubiquity

Kicking off a series of predictions for 2016 focused on APIs, we look at how the move to APIs will continue to be driven by the rapid proliferation of devices. It will also, moving forward, be the only way to remain agile, to adapt to...

An API-powered shopping season

From dynamic pricing to unified shopper's experience, APIs are impacting the entire shopping experience

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