Victor R. Garza

Contributing Editor

Victor R. 'Bob' Garza has been writing about technology for more than 25 years. Currently he serves as a Lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School and conducts research on new technology for the military.

Highwall raises barriers against wireless intruders

New hardware provides rogue AP detection, even for businesses distributed through multiple floors

XP Service Pack focuses on security

Windows XP SP2 will bring numerous fixes and improvements, but there could be headaches as well.

Wireless IDSes help network admins keep an ear to the air

AirDefense and Red-M IDSes handle wireless attacks but serve different needs

StealthWatch 4.0 strikes back

The Web-based UI of Lancope’s just-released StealthWatch 4.0 IDS (intrusion detection system) platform may be a little bland, but the information it provides sizzles. The StealthWatch product line does a good job of filling the holes...

Exclusive: Mach5 revs Weblog analysis

Nimble and quick, Analyzer 4.0 crunches log data into useful reports

Exclusive: Traveling through network time

Network Associates taps historical data for network analysis, forensics

WallBotz makes monitoring datacenters a breeze

NetBotz appliance’s impressive video, sensor technology fit nicely into enterprise security plans

ipUnplugged and NetMotion grant wireless users room to roam

Roaming solutions take different tacks in effectively keeping mobile workers securely connected

How I tested

For testing I used an Itronix GoBook II laptop running Windows XP with integrated Wi-Fi and GPRS capabilities as my primary wireless workstation, Dell Latitude C640 and C840’s with integrated WNICs running Windows XP, Red Hat Linux...

No-frills security scanning

Nessus and Internet Scanner prove less costly but less capable

The host security with the most

Sygate adds extensive policy-based app control, firewall, and intrusion detection to reinforce host security

Uncovering network holes

Foundstone, Qualys take different tacks toward effective vulnerability assessment

Core Impact hammers on vulnerabilities

Core Impact 3.1 puts vulnerability assessment tools in the hands of enterprise IT

WLAN manager's dilemma

Gateways offer strong security or good management

Policing the airwaves

It’s expensive, but AirDefense Guard gives you solid IDS bang for the bucks

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