Victor R. Garza

Contributing Editor

Victor R. 'Bob' Garza has been writing about technology for more than 25 years. Currently he serves as a Lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School and conducts research on new technology for the military.

Check Point and Sygate corral end points

Similarly strong network access control solutions make for a hard choice

New dimensions in intrusion defense

Sourcefire 3D combines network profiling and rule-based detection for policy enforcement

Sana puts a stop to bad behaviors

Primary Response SafeConnect detects and removes malware in real time without signatures

NFR brings a new look to IPS

Sentivist 5.0 leverages innovative views and vulnerability data in detecting and preventing security threats

Stealth Drive’s Biometrics Secure Data to Go

Platform-friendly micro hard drive offers good encryption but lacks capacity

VMware sends in the clones to ease testing

Myriad enhancements to VMware Workstation make Version 5 a must-have

Sygate strengthens end-point defenses

Sygate Enterprise Protection 5.0 adds IPS technology and other enhancements to end-point security product

TippingPoint leans into network threats

TippingPoint 400 IPS brings power, speed, and strong fundamentals but doesn't bat a thousand

EnCase broadens the investigation

EnCase Enterprise Edition 5.0 taps forensics agents for evidence gathering

High availability at the low end

Stratus ftServer W 2300 is light on horsepower but hard to kill

StealthWatch Xe shines a light on NetFlows

New Lancope appliance collects and analyzes NetFlow traffic data for anomalous behavior

SecureCore shields server memory

Determina's host IDS, Memory Firewall technology work well but lack polish

Hands-free host protection

Determina's memory firewall thwarts Windows vulnerability exploits without signatures or training

Exclusive: Penny-wise protection for wireless LANs

Network Chemstry's RFprotect thwarts Wi-Fi threats without deleting the coffers

Check Point IPS defends against worms and attacks

IPS offers network segmentation and can quarantine machines for enhanced network security but still seems lacking

Entercept intercepts threats

McAfee's host-based IPS impresses with multipronged protection

MetaPass keys password management

USB lets users forget passwords, and admins forget about password resets

IDS early bird gets the worm

Arbor Networks' Peakflow X 3.0 masters the art of worm containment

Attack of the inhospitable host

Sana Security's Primary Response 2.2 locks down Windows and Solaris servers

Network detectives sniff for snoops

The InfoWorld Test Center evaluates network intrusion detection systems from ISS, Lancope, Snort, and StillSecure

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