Tony Bradley

Tony is principal analyst with the Bradley Strategy Group, providing analysis and insight on tech trends. He is a prolific writer on a range of technology topics, has authored a number of books, and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

Businesses ill-prepared to defend against dramatic rise in zero-day attacks

The Check Point 2015 Security Report highlights a number of key security trends, including the impact of the rise of zero-day attacks

6 tools that help businesses tame Twitter

Twitter can be a valuable resource, but only if you manage it effectively. We look at six tools that can help cut through the noise

7 ways to work faster in Windows 7

Master these features to boost your productivity in Windows 7

Why most iPad rivals are already doomed

While rivals unveil prototypes, the iPad has already sold millions and is available almost everywhere you look

Why you shouldn't wait for an iPhone 4 bumper

The long delay in getting a free bumper to fix the antenna issue means that it may make more sense to just exchange your iPhone 4 for a new one instead

Apple iOS 4.0 vs. Android OS 2.2 for business use

Do the new mobile OS versions change the equation for enterprise adoption?

Why business users and IT get riled up over the iPad

The iPad-versus-HP Slate debate misses the point: Devices can serve more than one role but don't have to excel at them all

Windows Mobile 7 delayed again: Game over for Microsoft?

The iPhone now outsells Windows Mobile devices as Microsoft struggles to release a compelling upgrade

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