Thomas Wailgum

Business intelligence and on-demand: The perfect marriage?

Established vendors and upstarts now offer BI applications as on-demand services offering faster deployment and speedier access to reports

11 hot ERP topics for 2011: analysis and predictions

2010 has been a dramatic year for ERP; look for the tumult to continue in 2011

5 major changes in store for the workplace in 2020

Gartner predicts that work over the next 10 years will become less routine and characterized by increased volatility and 'hyperconnectedness'

Why businesses still hate enterprise software

Forrester survey shows the 5 top reasons why your big-bucks apps are so unloved

ERP support: How far will Oracle go to protect its golden egg?

Oracle has been suing third-party support providers, which could set a bad precedent for consumers and would-be competitors alike

The future of ERP: Why the 'big ERP' approach is dead

The traditional big ERP paradigm has reached its end. Instead, expect ERP systems to become modular, distributed, and a lot more nimble as they break apart

ERP and BI: A match made in heaven, if you're in data hell

Having ERP and BI systems integrated instead of held apart can help companies make better use of their data

Ways to keep your laptop, privacy safe during holiday travel

U.S. airports have become black holes for business travelers' laptops. Here are 10 tips to help avoid laptop and data loss

Eight reasons CIOs think developers are clueless

Many developers need to gain the bigger-picture view of their organizations to appreciate the challenges of their "clueless" CIOs

Impact of SaaS on the enterprise ERP market

A recent Gartner report finds SaaS too immature for vendors to offer the suite of integrated ERP solutions that large enterprises need

Apple loses shine with networking, supply chain issues

Though company continues to post strong profits, more challenges up ahead when iPhone goes on sale in more countries and more retail outlets

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