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Chinese spies target US intellectual property

Chinese spies target US intellectual property

The U.S. economy is losing hundreds of billons of dollars each year to economic espionage, mainly from China, due to a ‘stupefying’ lack of security

When stolen data can ‘phone home’

When stolen data can ‘phone home’

Digital watermarking of sensitive data can let organizations know immediately not only if it has been stolen, but where and how it is being accessed

Open source: Big benefits, big flaws

Open source is now a dominant force in IT, but experts warn that it can also make things risky and may not be for everyone

Breach costs: 'Chump change' to bottom lines of big players

Breach costs: 'Chump change' to bottom lines of big players

The direct costs of a data breach barely affect the bottom line of the nation’s biggest enterprises, but for smaller players the damage can be catastrophic

The 5 worst big data privacy risks (and how to guard against them)

The 5 worst big data privacy risks (and how to guard against them)

There are enormous benefits from big data analytics, but also massive potential for exposure. Here's how to protect yourself and your employees

The human OS: Overdue for a social engineering patch

The human OS: Overdue for a social engineering patch

There is no way to plant a chip in employees to make them invulnerable to social engineering attacks, but training can make them much more difficult to 'hack'

Why your online identity can never really be erased

Not even the EU's 'right to be forgotten' rule can save you from your online past. But you can take steps to minimize the damage

Watch out for these 5 summer scams

Put your feet up and let your hair down -- but don't let these security scams ruin your holidays

Retailers tracking customers via Wi-Fi suggests that privacy really is dead

Not only does your smartphone track you, it lets others -- like retailers in their stores -- track you

Big data without good analytics can lead to bad decisions

Incomplete or out-of-context data can lead to decisions that could undermine a company's competitiveness

NSA spying could mean U.S. tech companies lose international business

Domestic Internet firms face political, economic consequences for breach of trust over the NSA surveillance controversy

Mobile malware still small, but 'malnets' to rise up

With 70 percent of employees across corporate networks using a personal smartphone or tablet, the growing attack surface is too big to ignore

FBI pursuit of Stuxnet leaks reignites whistleblower debate

Critics say Obama administration is seeking to quash freedom of the press with efforts to find out who leaked information about the worm

Sometimes the best data defense is deletion

Information Governance experts say that while storage coast are down, there's risk -- and cost -- associated with the growing 'data lake'

Privilege management could cut data breaches -- if it were used

Verizon report recommends 'least privilege management' -- a decades-old concept. Problem is, it's still not mainstream

Security experts push back at 'Cyber Pearl Harbor' warning

The only effective defense is to 'build security in' from the ground up, critics say in response to DoD and DHS comments on cyber security

Following Sandy, DHS seeks security 'Cyber Reserve'

Secretary Napolitano says a reserve of security pros is needed because a major cyber attack could make this week's hurricane damage look mild

Obama seeks compromise on cyber security executive order

In a leaked draft copy of the order, the president reportedly attempts to pacify hardliners and privacy advocates

Oft-cited cybercrime cost estimates called out as inflated

Report highlights security vendors' built-in conflict of interest in threat reports

Citadel exploit goes after weakest link at airport: employees

The man-in-the-browser attack using a Trojan has compromised the VPN at a major hub

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