Steve Cochran

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Steve Cochran is chief technology officer (CTO) for Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX), a provider of advanced cloud-based healthcare supply chain management solutions. At GHX, Steve is responsible for architecting, building, deploying and migrating thousands of customers to the CoreX-powered GHX Exchange, a powerful and flexible B2B SaaS platform for global healthcare supply chains that uses the full capabilities of the public cloud through Amazon Web Services for hyper business continuity, massive scale, and security.

Prior to GHX, Mr. Cochran worked in senior technology leadership roles at GXS (now OpenText), and Inovis, where he rebuilt existing product platforms onto the then current cloud architectures. Mr. Cochran began his career working on the development of large-scale defense technology for both General Electric and Lockheed Martin. At Lockheed, Cochran successfully deployed and supported hundreds of complex shipboard and land systems. At GE, he designed and delivered new digital 3D graphics technology for the PC and set top box markets, and guidance system design for the Trident II Missile, and defined pioneering requirements for combat control system for the Seawolf-class submarine.

Mr. Cochran is in the unique position of having led significant operations on both the technology and the product management sides of the isle. This gives Steve a unique perspective that is not commonplace for most organizations.

Mr. Cochran holds a BSEE, Engineering from the University of Kentucky and a MBA from Rollins College, Crummer Graduate School of Business.

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