Sean McCown

Sean McCown is a Certified Master in SQL Server and a SQL Server MVP with 20 years of experience in databases. He is founder and co-owner of the website, where he records free SQL Server training videos and co-hosts the weekly Web show, DBAs@Midnight. He is also co-owner and principal consultant of MidnightSQL Consulting.

SQL unleashed: 17 ways to speed your SQL queries

21 rules for faster SQL queries

21 rules for faster SQL queries

Follow these tried-and-true techniques to improve the speed and scalability of your relational database

10 more do's and don'ts for faster SQL queries

Follow these tried-and-true techniques to improving both the speed and concurrency of your dawdling database.

Review: SQL Server 2014 pushes the pedal to the metal

Microsoft's latest SQL Server release boosts OLTP performance with in-memory tables, expands backup and HA options with ties to Windows Azure

Review: SQL Server 2012 stands tall

Huge HA and indexing improvements top the list of great new features in Microsoft's latest database release

Seven reasons to care about SQL Server 2008 R2

New BI and reporting features in SQL Server 2008 R2 hit the mark, but other additions leave SQL Server shops wanting more

SSIS architecture: Tips for package design

You can design your SSIS packages in various ways, but you should always keep your goals and other factors in mind

SQL Server Management Objects: Finally ready for prime time

PowerShell gives DBAs a reason to begin using SMO for real, so now we'll find out about all the gory details

Just call it an internal DoS attack

If unnecessarily heavy workloads are hitting your SQL box, it's time to start treating them like inside hacking jobs

Are you a professional coder or a professional baby?

Today I’d like to talk about being a professional coder vs. being a professional baby. This is something I’ve seen since I started in IT many years ago. Here’s a scenario: A developer writes a piece of code to hit the database a...

A different type of disaster recovery

Have you made plans for recovering from those employees who leave a catastrophe in their wake?

The last-minute Xmas wish list 2009

Here are some cool gifts for that special DBA in your life

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