Ryan Faas

Contributing Writer

Ryan Faas is a technology journalist and author who had been writing about Apple, business and enterprise IT topics, and the mobile industry for over a decade. He is author and/or editor of ten technology books. He is a prolific freelance writer whose work has been featured on Computerworld, Enterprise Mobile Today, InformIT, Peachpit Press, Cult of Mac, Cult of Android, About.com, and Datamation. In 2008 he was awarded a Neal National Business Journalism award for his work featured in Computerworld's "Week of Leopard" series.

In addition to writing, Ryan has spent a large portion of the past fifteen years in the systems/network engineering and IT management fields as an IT director, systems administrator, trainer, and all round multi-platform and mobile device technology consultant. His client list ranges from human services agencies, small non-profits, and private schools to fortune 500 hundred companies and major media agencies. He also worked for mobile management provider MobileIron from November 2014 until October 2015.

How Apple's iWatch could revolutionize mobile security

The iWatch is meant to tether to an iPhone or iPad -- a setup that could allow the iWatch to serve as a security token for advanced authentication

MobileIron and Good break new ground with secure containers on mobile devices

Containerization may be the future of mobile security, surpassing MDM and MAM in overall ability and importance

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It's clear that OS X is now a target of malware purveyors -- security by obscurity is no more

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IT departments and the duties of their staff haven't changed much in recent years. But the rise of mobile, the bring-your-own-device trend, and a new generation of workers is about to change all that

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17 useful features every Mac OS X Lion user should know about

Mobile device management -- what you should know

The number and variety of personal devices in the office is growing rapidly

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Organizations looking beyond Apple for Mac support will find a wealth of third-party tools to fill the enterprise Mac void

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User interest and bring-your-own-tech policies are pushing Macs beyond their traditional business niches. Here's how to embrace them

22 essential Mac tools for IT admins

These (mostly free) open source, donationware, and Apple tools take the pain out of Mac deployment and management

Will Mac OS X Lion roar in the enterprise?

Apple's latest OS has lots of new features for consumers, but enterprises will find the upgrades to be a mixed bag

How the Apple iCloud compares to Google's cloud

Apple is focused on apps, whereas Google concept of the cloud remains Web-based

Apple brings Mac OS X Server to the masses: What that means

Lion OS will include a server install that could popularize Mac OS X Server in businesses and at home -- or herald its slow demise

Mac OS X: Make Snow Leopard (and Apple's other cats) roar like Lion

Apple's new OS is due in the summer, but users can claim its advantages now with available third-party apps and services

Can the iPad succeed in business without Office?

Apple's iWork suite for the tablet might not be enough for the workplace -- though other apps aim to fill the gap

Review: Apple's Mac Mini server ideal for small offices

It's inexpensive and easy to set up and use for file sharing, IM servers, and other basic functions

Should your IT department support the iPhone?

A growing number of workers want to use the iPhone as a mobile device for many different tasks

15 easy fixes for Mac security risks

No system is perfect, and there are a number of security holes -- many of them easily closed -- that are common on Mac OS X systems. Here are 15 ways to fix the most frequently exploited security risks and protect your Mac.

Mac management for Windows IT folks

Nearly 80 percent of businesses have Macs in-house; it's to your advantage to understand how to add them to your network safely and effectively

Will Apple's App Store change the desktop app market?

App Store has leveled the playing field between small developers and large corporate developers

In the beginning: The making of the Mac

The Macintosh computer celebrates its 25th anniversary on Jan. 24, but the course of events that led to the Mac as we know it was convoluted

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