Robert V. Binder

Robert V. Binder is a high-assurance entrepreneur and President of System Verification Associates. He has developed hundreds of application systems and advanced automated testing solutions. As test process architect for Microsoft’s Open Protocol Initiative, he led the application of model-based testing to all of Microsoft’s server-side APIs. He is the author of the definitive Testing Object-Oriented Systems: Models, Patterns, and Tools.

Binder began his software career in 1974 as a programmer. In 1979, he became employee number six in the Chicago office of a national contract programming company. As a developer of systems for a wide range of business and embedded applications, he used proven software engineering techniques to achieve high quality and control costs. He was promoted to account manager and then project manager. As project manager, he established a perfect track record for on-time, in-budget completion of complex multi-year software development projects.

In 1984, he founded RBSC Corporation to provide consulting in software engineering and software process improvement. He planned and facilitated many software process improvement projects, concentrating on CASE tools, methodologies and project management. RBSC augmented technical consulting with training services. After several years as an software engineering instructor at Motorola University, Binder developed sixty-five days of instructor-led professional development seminars in related subjects and presented them to thousands of developers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

In 2001, Binder founded mVerify to commercialize his unique model-based testing strategy. In 2003, he proposed and closed a $1.9M grant from the US National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) to fund mVerify's development of model-based testing for mobile systems. He led this project to successful completion in June 2005. As CEO, Binder was responsible for subsequent funding, eventually raising another $1.5 million from non-institutional sources. He also led development, marketing, and sales of five releases of mVerify’s commercial testing product for the Windows Mobile platform.

In 2009, Binder founded System Verification Associates to enable high assurance system development. Client engagements include assessment and improvement for a leading FDA-regulated software product company, Process Architect for Microsoft’s Open Protocols initiative, and process improvement for a leading Healthcare IT ISV.

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