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Robert L. Mitchell is a freelance writer and editor. Previously, he was a national correspondent for Computerworld. He also served as an editor at Network World and BYTE magazine, and was part of the editorial team that launched

Forget fingerprints: Your iris is your new identity

Dropping prices, fast processing speeds, and more user-friendly designs have given a boost to this highly accurate biometric technology

The devil is in the subscription-licensing details

The transition to cloud-based services is ratcheting up traditional enterprise software costs and adding layers of complexity

The 12 ways to screw up your predictive analytics project

From politics to wrong assumptions, these mistakes mean you won't need an algorithm to predict the outcome of your analytics project

NFL uses analytics to improve player safety

CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle is bringing analytics to the gridiron to improve player safety

Mobile management morphs

MDM software now goes way beyond controlling physical devices

After Stuxnet: The new rules of cyber war

Critical infrastructure providers face off against a rising tide of increasingly sophisticated and potentially destructive attacks from hacktivists, spies, and militarized malware

Predictive analytics go to work

Contrary to popular opinion, you don't need a huge budget to get started

Best BYOD management: Containment is your friend

New containerization technologies can help BYOD initiatives succeed by creating separate spaces on smartphones for work and personal use

Putting predictive analytics to work

Predictive analytics involves both art and science, but getting started isn't for high rollers only. Here's how to ensure a successful outcome

Educator turns the IT training model on its head

Arthur Langer makes it his mission to mint IT professionals on demand

Essential browser tools for Web developers

IT professionals weigh in on the most useful browser add-ons for Web designers and developers

Brain drain: Where Cobol systems go from here

When the last Cobol programmers walk out the door, 50 years of business processes encapsulated in the software they created may follow.

The Grill: Catherine P. Bessant

The Bank of America tech leader's mandate is to streamline and modernize back-office operations

3D printers: Almost mainstream

As the tools used to create printable objects get easier, the technology could find acceptance outside the traditional niches

Windows 7 is on a (slow) roll

The economy has done a number on enterprises' Windows 7 deployment plans. If you're behind, take heart -- you're not alone

Big businesses take a small bite of the Apple

Apple products are making their way into corporate America, but the numbers are still small overall as Apple itself remains focused on consumers

IT gives Windows 7 the green light

Of IT professionals surveyed, 72 percent plan to migrate to Windows 7, with 70 percent saying they will implement it within a year

Procrastinating on Windows 7 upgrade could be costly

IT departments waiting for the end of XP support to move to Windows 7 may get stuck paying for expensive custom support

Networks going green to save you money

Following the example of energy-efficient servers, networking gear is poised to show off its green credentials

IT gives Windows 7 the green light

After taking a pass on Vista, organizations are ready to commit to Microsoft's new OS. Here's why

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