Pierre Fricke

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Pierre Fricke founded Pierre Fricke Advisory Services in 2017 to bring his experience and knowledge to both vendors and end-users from an independent vantage point. He defines and delivers winning strategies, sales enablement, marketing, competitive, and launch plans. Pierre also advises investors, boards and executives on market position and potential of open source, data, application development, application integration, business process management, analytics and cloud (IaaS/PaaS/DBaaS/SaaS).

Pierre joined EDB in 2015 as VP Product Marketing. He was responsible for leading product marketing to build the business. Pierre co-lead EDB’s effort to “liberate enterprises from expensive database lock-in so they can invest in new digital business initiatives and drive their growth and customer satisfaction.”

From 2005 through 2015 Pierre was Director of Product Marketing for Red Hat JBoss Middleware products. Pierre co-led the product strategy and expansion into the application and data integration market. In 2009, Pierre led the launch of JBoss BRMS to lay the foundation for a complete open source BPM strategy. By 2015, these products were the unit volume market leader or emerging strong challengers to long time incumbents as well as significant Red Hat businesses.

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