Phillip Windley

Contributing Writer

Phillip J. Windley is an enterprise architect in the Office of the CIO at Brigham Young University and Chair of the Sovrin Foundation, a non-profit building a global, public network for self-sovereign identity. Windley blogs at Windley’s Technometria.

Windows on the Mac: Parallels vs. VMware Fusion, round 2

Both VMware Fusion 2.0 and Parallels Desktop 4.0 have made strides in bringing the Windows experience to the Mac

Product review: WARP your WAN for performance and reliability

FatPipe Networks' easy and flexible router clustering appliance makes the most of multiple WAN connections

Federating identity for the Web

User-centric innovations CardSpace and OpenID may finally bring the promise of federation within reach

Understanding OpenID and CardSpace

OpenID and CardSpace are at the forefront of user-centric identity. Here's how they work

Windows on the Mac: Parallels vs. VMware Fusion

Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion let Mac lovers have their cake and run Windows too. Parallels pleases with richer tools, while Fusion is first for heavy-duty use

NextPage manages documents with a light touch

Unobtrusive document tracking fits smoothly into existing workflows to provide basic, no-frills management

Game plan for Team SOA

You need all the backing you can get, both personal and logistical, to get an SOA initiative off the ground

Teaming up for SOA

Governance policies chiseled in stone aren't SOA, they're DOA. Here's how to keep governance collaborative and effective

Capitalize on emerging collaboration options

Foregoing licenses in favor of emerging alternatives will free funds to train employees to collaborate effectively

KnowNow gives RSS a business-savvy shine

ESS 3.1.7 combines simplicity of RSS with solid management, data connections, desktop delivery

SOA management: Governance plus intermediaries

Management is what distinguishes SOA from a bucket of services. Here's how to publish and proxy services for a fully scalable system

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