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Update: Google cuts time it retains IP address logs to 9 months

Google will half the length of time it holds data linking surfers' IP addresses to their Web searches.

EU dismisses reports it has reached Intel antitrust decision

Commission gives no timetable for the conclusion of its probe into reports of Intel abusing its market position

Top EU security agency calls for policing of social network

ENISA asks for new legislation to protect people from the risks of sites such as Facebook and MySpace

EU raises privacy issue for Google Street View

Europe's data protection supervisor urges Google to respect local privacy rules when launching Street View

EC approves TomTom buy of Tele Atlas

Competition commissioner is satisfied that innovation and competition will continue in satnav products after the merger

EU won't seek new antitrust complaint against Microsoft

Microsoft said it will continue to work with the Commission to resolve the issues raised in the complaint

Europe rejects plan to criminalize file-sharing

In a close vote, the European Parliament rejected attempts to criminalize the sharing of files by private individuals and to ban copyright abusers from the Internet

Microsoft's ISO win may worsen its antitrust woes

Allegations of foul play in the OOXML voting process could draw the ire of European Commission antitrust investigators, who had previously addressed the issue

Otellini defends Intel in EU's antitrust hearing

European Commission antitrust officials will now begin drafting a final ruling on charges that Intel abused its dominant position in the chip market

DoubleClick could snap Google out of its funk

Facing threat of Microsoft buying Yahoo, missed earnings, and a report exposing its Achilles' heel, search giant's execs commit to rebalancing

Intel prepares for EU antitrust hearing on Tuesday

Next week's hearing will focus purely on Intel's practices relating to PC manufacturers; however, the EC may build a bigger case to include Intel's behavior in the retail trade

Google-DoubleClick approval expected in Europe

The absence of any official statements of objection from the European Commission shows that the proposed Google-DoubleClick merger will be approved

IBM takeover of Telelogic gets European approval

With the acquisition of Telelogic, IBM becomes by far the largest vendor of software modelling and requirements management tools

Microsoft's European antitrust point man leaves for Apple

Public affairs specialist who spent years helping Microsoft battle European Commission's competition regulators moves on to Apple's government affairs department

EC approves Acer's buying Packard Bell

Acer gets the go-ahead for a takeover aimed at thwarting rival Lenovo from buying Packard Bell and gaining a foothold in the European market

Update: EU fines Microsoft another $1.3 billion for antitrust abuse

Microsoft's latest punishment -- for continued failure to honor the 2004 antitrust ruling against it-- brings the total of fines to just under $2.6 billion

E.U. has guarded reaction to Microsoft open-source move

The European Union welcomed Microsoft's move to open up its APIs, but the group noted warily that Microsoft has failed to deliver on similar promises in the past

EU revisits copyright levy conundrum

European Commissioner will hold a conference in June to see if there is common ground to streamline the current system of copyrights

EU aims to clarify legal status of IP addresses

A European Parliament hearing on Google-DoubleClick ventured into murkier territory as it tackled the question of whether an IP address should be considered private data

Microsoft faces two new European antitrust cases

New antitrust investigations concern the interoperability of Windows with other software and Microsoft's tactic of bundling software products with Windows

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