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EU rebuffs Oracle's criticism of Sun merger investigation

Observers expect a 'bare-knuckles fight' between Oracle and the Commission over the inclusion of MySQL in the Sun deal

Microsoft rivals call for changes to EU browser settlement

The way Microsoft's ballot screen is designed is biased and needs tweaking to ensure it restores competition to the browser market, they contend

Oracle readies for fight with EU over Sun takeover

Senior U.S. politicians are said to be willing to wade in to secure the takeover if European regulators issue a statement of objections to the merger

Richard Stallman joins call for Oracle to divest MySQL

Prominent software activist says Oracle must be prevented from taking control of MySQL, urges Europe's antitrust regulator to demand divestment

Microsoft, EU reach accord in antitrust battle over IE browser

Software giant has offered to create a new ballot screen inside Windows and has made renewed assurances it will provide rivals ready access to interoperability info

EU reveals 'smoking gun' e-mails from Intel antitrust probe

The European Commission shows evidence of rebates and restrictions designed to crush AMD

Microsoft, Yahoo in talks with EU over search deal

If the deal is seen simply as a collaborative search agreement, rather than a merger, it will not need formal scrutiny by the European Commission

Intel asks court to dismiss EU antitrust case

The chipmaker says the EU regulator erred in its $1.45 billion antitrust ruling

Google helps users jump ship to rival Web services

The move is a trust-building exercise and a way to reassure users that Google won't lock them in

Update: EC opens deeper probe of Oracle-Sun merger

Regulator has 'serious concerns' about the deal's impact on competition in the database market

Intel files appeal against European antitrust fine

Intel says the European Commission failed to consider all the evidence when it reached its decision

Microsoft trying to set own antitrust remedy, says Opera CEO

Stripping out IE from Windows 7 is an attempt to duplicate a failed remedy from an earlier antitrust ruling, Opera says

EC to pursue antitrust case despite Microsoft's IE decision

Antitrust remedies still needed because stripping out IE from the OS doesn't give consumers a choice of browser, EC says

Update: Europe probes if Microsoft pressured rivals in browser case

Antitrust agency also queries competitors on remedies to Internet Explorer's alleged unfair advantage

Trade group: Stripping IE from Windows harms ISVs

EC ruling risks balkanizing the Windows platform and weakening Microsoft's operating system, ACT says

Intel: Antitrust agencies are testing the limits

A company exec says he is 'mystified' by what the EC wants Intel to change; the company will appeal the ruling

EU fines Intel $1.44 billion in antitrust case

Fine is the largest antitrust penalty the Commission has ever levied against a single company and dwarfs that levied against Microsoft for abusing its dominant position in the software market

EU fines Intel €1.06 billion in antitrust case

Chip maker ordered to stop illegal practices

Update: Skype's immunity to phone tapping threatened

European crackdown on loophole in wiretapping laws could also help U.S. law enforcement authorities gain access to Internet calls

Europe to cap prices for roaming text messages and data

Price reduction seen as essential part of creating one single European telecoms market and excellent way of illustrating merits of the single European market to consumers

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