Paul F. Roberts

Paul Roberts is an experienced technology reporter and editor who writes about hacking, cyber threats and information technology security. When he's not writing for InfoWorld, Paul edits The Security Ledger, a blog focused on securing the Internet of things.

Microsoft calls for 'coordinated disclosure' of bugs

Google called for a rethink of 'responsible disclosure' and Microsoft responded quickly with a shift in policy -- but can we expect much real change?

Network forensics gets a 'Minority Report'-style UI

A network security traffic analysis tool, sporting a wicked UI, heralds a new era of easy cyber forensics

Black Hat and Defcon to focus on critical infrastructure

Hacker conferences Black Hat and Defcon will cover threats to industrial systems, transportation, and the electrical grid

DARPA chief: U.S. must return to manufacturing

DARPA's director warns the decline in U.S. manufacturing threatens the country's ability to innovate -- and defend itself

Microsoft: Apple takes the vulnerability crown

Microsoft COO crows that Apple tops the list for software vulnerabilities -- but is this bad news for Redmond?

SANS study: One in five mobile devices running malware

A SANS survey has sobering numbers on mobile malware infections, suggesting they may be more common than we think

Finally -- a hacking conference just for kids!

A new conference will teach kids the true skills of the (legal) hacker: curiosity, experimentation, tech fluency, and fun

Apple pulls a 'BP' in responding to App Store hack

In the wake of the iTunes security breach, Apple takes a page out of BP's "emergency response" manual

iTunes hack spotlights shady 'app farms'

iTunes accounts have been hacked and used to buy dozens of programs churned out by a China-based "app farm." Get ready for more of this

iPad hack not so harmless

Conventional wisdom says the hack of an AT&T service for the new iPad wasn't that bad. Not so fast, says security researcher Chris Paget...

Location services: The security risks of oversharing

The vulnerability of Web applications and the sensitive nature of personal location information will prove a disasterous combination

AT&T's iPad security fumble is just the tip of the iceberg

The flaw that exposed the email addresses of 100,000 iPad owners is depressingly familiar -- and completely avoidable

Online scammers hope to score on online World Cup enthusiasts

Exploiting Google SEO, cyber criminals are fooling soccer enthusiasts into downloading nasty malware

New Defcon contest tests hackers' social-engineering skills

Kooky capture-the-flag-style contest gives participants 20 minutes to cajole information from target companies' employees

Facebook's security solution: Make devs have accounts

Rather than hardening its platform or scrutinizing apps, Facebook is simply making developers create verified accounts

Your favorite malware authors: Now on Twitter!

If you want a preview of the next wave of malicious programs, there's now an easy way to keep tabs -- just follow the tweets

Apple must pay the cost to be the boss

Now that Apple's market capitalization exceeds that of Microsoft, its days of security through obscurity are over

Facebook in trouble with the cops

Today's announcement of new privacy tools won't protect Facebook from angry cops around the world who accuse the company of hindering police investigations

Fed weighs future of contactless payments

Payments industry defends security of technology at recent meeting and claims that waiters, not wireless, are the biggest security threat

Enterprise Data Protection: The Importance of Account Ownership

Lesson 1 for enterprise data protection: employees have to take ownership of security.

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