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Top 20 highest-paying tech certifications

29  top cloud certifications

29 top cloud certifications

When it comes to the most in-demand skills, the cloud is the place to be. Our guide to top cloud certifications looks at programs designed for AWS, Google and Microsoft services -- as well as vendor-neutral certifications.

5 ways to stop malware in the cloud

5 ways to stop malware in the cloud

An analysis of data stored in cloud applications found that 4 out of every 100 files contains malware

The ultimate guide to small business networking

In-depth product reviews that will help any SMB make critical strategic technology decisions

Gartner guru 'shocked' by corporate reaction to Windows 10

Gartner guru 'shocked' by corporate reaction to Windows 10

After the debacle that was Windows 8/8.1, enterprises are responding very positively to Microsoft's Windows 10

IoT will become a matter of life or death for security pros

The need to move beyond just protecting computer systems is the biggest challenge ever faced by IT, Gartner says

How to build an enduring, everlasting data center

If you're smart with your purchases, you'll be able to retrofit your current data center to last for a very long time

10 unsung fathers of technology

Here are some industry 'fathers' you may not have heard of

Gartner: Private clouds are a last resort

Enterprises should perform a thorough analysis before turning to the cloud and consider public cloud services first, analyst says

IBM, HP lead the way on green IT

Google did not score well in the survey conducted by Gartner and the World Wildlife Fund

Cloudy picture for cloud computing

Panelists at Interop say that cloud computing faces too many obstacles to already be considered the next big thing

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