Nancy Weil

Managing Editor

Nancy Weill is managing editor of the IDG News Service, based in Boston.

IT hiring continues to improve, according to surveys

Employer confidence continues to be on the upswing, with refresh cycles for hardware and software helping the hiring picture

Update: Apple sues HTC for infringing on iPhone patents

Apple claims HTC infringes on 20 of its patents related to the iPhone user interface and the smartphone's underlying architecture and hardware

10 tech predictions for 2010

We see modest economic recovery, e-reader buzz, new faces in old places, lots of mobile news, and more

Top 10: Oracle snags Sun, Microsoft earnings dip

Also in this week's roundup of tech news: VMware makes big cloud promises, MySpace gets a new CEO, RSA draws headlines, and more

Top 10: IBM talks to Sun, IE8 debuts, iPhone 3.0 sneak peek

This week's roundup of tech news includes the proposed IBM-Sun merger, Apple unveiling the iPhone 3.0 OS, Microsoft rolling out IE8, and more

Top 10: Win 7 leaks, the U.S. gets a CIO, trade show news

This week's roundup of the top tech news stories includes Windows 7 leaks, Apples new Macs, the U.S.'s first CIO, the Linux Foundation's training plans, and more

Top 10: Good IT salary news, career changes, and online scams

This week's roudup of the top tech news includes Google' Latitude -- and search bugs -- online spam and scams, good news for tech careers, and more

Human error caused Google search bug

Mistake that caused a glitch in Google search results for about an hour was made by Google, not

Top 10: Singing the financial blues, again

This week's roundup of the top tech news stories includes more financial woes for the tech sector, Google taking Gmail offline, click fraud picking up, and more

Top 10: Obama takes charge, Microsoft takes it on the chin

This week's roundup of the top tech news includes Obama and the tech sector, Microsoft's bad news, widespread layoffs, the Mac's 25th birthday, and more

Top 10: Bartz in at Yahoo, Apple's Jobs out until June

This week's roundup of the top tech news stories includes Yahoo's new chief, Steve Jobs taking a leave of absence, tech giant job cuts, Windows Azure tools updates, and more

Top 10: Windows 7 beta, Jobs' health, the economy again

This week's wrapup of the top tech news stories includes the Windows 7 public beta saga, Apple's final Macworld, 2009's rough economic start, and more

Jobs says he has 'hormone imbalance'

Apple chief says he'll continue as CEO during his recovery

Quotes of note from 2008

2008 provided plenty of notable quotables in the tech world; here's a rundown of some the best, funniest, and most eyebrow-raising ones

Top 10: Week 2 for the IE bug, Apple bails on Macworld

This week's wrapup of the top tech news stories includes Microsoft's IE bug woes, Apple pulling out of Macworld, Red Hat's new maintenance plan, and more

IBM labs promises five innovations

Energy-saving solar technology and the ability to 'talk' to the Web are among the advances IBM sees emerging in the next five years

'09 IT predictions -- the economy dominates

This year's list of 10 prognostications is overshadowed by the economy, but there's good news predicted for '09 as well

Top 10: Sun releases JavaFX, more malware, shopping jam

This week's roundup of the top tech news includes Sun releasing its JavaFX RIA technology, Firefox's malware, a glut of e-commerce, and more

Top 10: Mumbai terrorism, worm warning, holiday woe

This holiday week's top news stories include the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, a Microsoft warning of increased exploits, and a dreary outlook for holiday sales

Top 10: Yang's move, Microsoft-Novell developments

This week's tech news roundup includes Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang stepping down, the latest from the Microsoft-Novell partnership, advice for IT in the slumping economy, and more

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