Nancy Weil

Managing Editor

Nancy Weill is managing editor of the IDG News Service, based in Boston.

Symantec identifies sophisticated, stealthy Regin malware

The sophisticated back-door-type Trojan was likely developed by a nation state, researcher say

Update: Warrants needed for cellphone searches, Supreme Court rules

Police must obtain warrants to search cellphones and smartphones when they are making arrests, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in a unanimous decision

The tech quotes of 2013

As the year draws to a close, we offer a dozen of the quotes that stuck with us in 2013

Update: ITC orders import ban on older iPhones, iPads in Samsung patent dispute

Ban affects just AT&T's version of Apple's devices; Apple will appeal

2012: The year in quotes

Some of the most interesting, and amusing, tech-related quotes this year were uttered in courtrooms.

U.S. judge dismisses Apple patents lawsuit against Motorola

Judge Richard Posner's ruling 'with prejudice' means neither side can refile the case

Scott Thompson out as Yahoo CEO

After a week of controversy over his résumé, the beleaguered company announces his departure

15 top quotes of 2011

On Facebook's lack of security, false clouds, classless outbursts, and Steve Jobs' life and death

Update: Amazon unveils Kindle Fire, its entry into the tablet fray

The $199 Android-based tablet joins a crowded market, but could be serious competition for the iPad, analysts say

HP to overhaul board as Hurd fallout continues

Under an HP proposal, four who played roles in the decision to replace CEO Mark Hurd will be replaced

Tech industry predictions: 2011 edition

The IDG News Service's crystal ball says that tablets will abound, long-rumored mergers will happen, real cyberwarfare will occur, and perhaps a major CEO will exit

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