Minda Zetlin

Contributing writer

Minda Zetlin is a business technology writer and co-author of The Geek Gap: Why Business and Technology Professionals Don't Understand Each Other and Why They Need Each Other to Survive.

3 questions IT must answer to stay relevant

Bridging IT’s growing generation gap

Bridging IT’s growing generation gap

Deft management skills and a lot of empathy are required to balance the priorities and expectations of millennials, baby boomers and the Gen X-ers stuck between them.

Why IT needs to drive the risk conversation

The current system of risk management at most organizations is designed to frustrate everyone. Here are seven ways to change the dialogue

IT: Don't let the CEO wonder what you do all day

If there's no crisis or big project to work on, CEOs may wonder what IT does all day. Here's how to make sure your contributions aren't undervalued

How to balance maintenance and IT innovation

Many IT leaders admit their spending is too heavily weighted toward keep-the-lights-on projects. Here's how to tip the balance.

ROI calculations done right can help IT projects

Building a solid business case for your IT projects means nailing the financial calculations and language. Making accurate ROI predictions can pay off

How to recruit the best executive sponsor for an IT project

Every big project needs a high-ranking exec with a stake in the game and solid connections within the organization. Here's how to find and train the right one for the job

6 ways CIOs can make peace with CMOs

There's a natural tension between IT and marketing. But these days the CIO and CMO need to collaborate and focus on what's best for the customer

Is your outsourcer agile enough?

More companies are choosing agile development to create user-friendly, quickly evolving enterprise apps. Here's how to decide if your outsourcer is up to the task.

The new rules for enterprise apps

To be successful today, enterprise software must be more user-friendly, get updated more often, and offer users outside your company more transparency than ever before

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