Leon Erlanger

Silicon Valley's road to recovery

The Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Confidence Index points to a good year ahead for technology entrepreneurs

Email users still running amok despite years of warnings

A survey shows that email remains a major source of corporate data leakage, as users continue to break the rules

The next step in data security: Toshiba drives wipe themselves

Self-encrypting drives can detect when they are connected to the wrong host and automatically erase sensitive data

IT workers would take a 10 percent pay cut to telecommute

IT workers would sacrifice a tenth of their salaries just to work at home, yet few IT job postings offer telecommuting as an option

This is your power plant on Windows

What does your PC and the systems managing critical infrastructure have in common? Microsoft Windows, and all its security concerns

Big Data runs afoul of big lawyers

Big Data can be harnessed for a lot less than you think -- just don't get anyone with expensive lawyers angry

A faster, more reliable Internet, coming to a school or library near you

Once limited to select institutions, Internet2 and its massive bandwidth are about to hit community sites across the country

Now playing: The sounds of data streams

Information overload never sounded so sweet, thanks to a new technology that turns data stream fluctuations into musical notes

How not to handle a data breach

Press the panic button as soon as you find evidence customer data has been compromised, and you'll pay the price

Is the megascale of the cloud a good thing?

Google's recent Gmail outage reveals the dark side of cloud computing's economies of scale -- and the resilience of tape

Gmail lesson: Don't use stats to minimize angry users

Google kept its users pretty well informed during the latest outage -- but please, guys, don't try to hide behind percentages

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