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How IT can prep for robots and avoid big cloud gotchas

With iPad Pro, Apple pushes further into the enterprise

With iPad Pro, Apple pushes further into the enterprise

After forging alliances with IBM and Cisco and unveiling a business-ready 12.9-inch tablet, Apple is poised to make serious inroads into the corporate market

Apple now taking orders for free iPhone 4 cases

iPhone 4 users must download a special application from Apple's App Store to get the free case that CEO Steve Jobs promised last week

Will Apple's much-rumored tablet launch on Jan. 27?

Company issues invitation to Jan. 27 press event to show 'our next creation' but remains mum on details

Hands on: Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro packs a punch

Faster processors, more battery life and a better display make for a great -- and small -- package

Review: Apple's 15-in. MacBook Pro now faster -- and cheaper

In recessionary times, who doesn't want more for less?

WWDC: Apple unveils new MacBooks, $29 Snow Leopard OS upgrade price

Apple also unveiled new 13-inch laptops and an updated 15-inch MacBook Pro at its Worldwide Developers Conference

New MacBook Air: now with extra SSD goodness

Apple's revamped MacBook Air, which offers a speed boost and better storage options at a better price, is likely to show up on a lot of holiday wish lists

Hands-on with the new multitouch MacBook Pro

The biggest upgrade to the MacBook Pro -- the iPhone-style multitouch trackpad -- offers easy-to-use functionality, but it may not be worth the price of an upgrade by itself

Apple to release Leopard Oct. 26

Apple confirms rumors on ship date, pricing for Mac OS X 10.5 and the Leopard Server OS

Apple's svelte MacBook arrives in business black

The company’s latest Intel-upgraded notebook may come in black and white but the new MacBook makes enterprise buying decisions the furthest from those contrasts in years

PowerBooks updated by Apple

Units feature sensor to protect hard drive

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