Julia King

Contributing Writer

Julia King is a freelance writer and editor based in Pennsylvania.

How to master disruptive technologies

Upsetting the status quo is exactly the point, as companies dive into social networking, the cloud and more

4 survival strategies for IT chaos

Your IT survival guide for the new business normal: Four steps for mastering the world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Data analytics: Eye-popping results from Intel, UPS, and Express Scripts

These three top-tier businesses are reaping huge rewards from data analytics. Here's what your company might be missing out on

Wanted: IT staffers with vertical industry chops

Fast-changing business processes and ever-mounting government and industry regulations are complicating day-to-day operations -- and making deep vertical industry expertise a must-have.

How to take control of your own IT career

Learn what adjustments you need to make to stay viable as an IT professional in a rapidly changing field

The rebirth of re-engineering

Today's re-engineering is all about enhancing the hundreds of end-to-end steps involved in developing new products, acquiring and retaining customers, and making money. More often than not, it's starting with IT

How to prepare for the coming IT skills revolution

The tech talent gap is the first sign of a coming revolution in the IT labor market. Here's how to secure your footing and brace for what's ahead

The upside of shadow IT

As workers bypass IT and regularly subscribe to collaboration, some savvy CIOs are embracing and and even encouraging so-called rogue IT

When IT gets to play: Skunk works projects deliver value

IT skunk works are alive and well -- not so much to hide experimental projects from the corporate bureaucracy, but as a place to reward hard work, build employee loyalty, breed innovation, learn about risk, conduct pilot projects and...

Talent wars: Are your IT staffers being poached?

The IT labor market has become a job seeker's paradise, where corporate IT departments and cloud service providers compete to lure IT pros with the hot skills

IT workers with heart

For these companies, employee volunteerism means improved collaboration and productivity on the job

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