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Jonathan Hassell runs 82 Ventures, a technical writing and consulting firm based in Charlotte, N.C.

Upgrading Windows Server 2003: The procrastinator's guide

Upgrading Windows Server 2003: The procrastinator's guide

Yes, this is something you really need to get going on. Here are some factors to consider in your planning

Getting started with PowerShell: The basics

Getting started with PowerShell: The basics

Learn how to perform simple tasks and make your way around the syntax

Microsoft's StorSimple: A first look at the 8000 series

These arrays add a cloud tier to the traditional approach, but the high price tag and Azure-only feature set could be deal-breakers

Getting started with Microsoft Azure RemoteApp

This desktop-as-a-service offering allows access to Office and more.

Why Net neutrality matters to your business

Partitioning the Internet into haves and have-nots will give big companies yet another advantage over smaller, more disruptive firms

How to safely mingle personal and business data in a Windows world

Work Folders helps sync, and wipe, some data while leaving personal photos and the like alone

Meet Windows Server's BYOD features

Workplace join, work folders and other new Windows Server 2012 R2 features help beleaguered IT staffers manage the jungle of end user devices

How to use Azure's new connectivity features

Microsoft has beefed up the cloud software's networking and infrastructure options and made it much easier for users to connect to Azure data centers

Block rogue apps with Windows Server -- for free

You can stop users from putting bad software on good machines

Exchange Server 2013: Not quite ready for the data center

Microsoft's update has some worthwhile features, but the holes make some wonder if the software's really finished

What SharePoint 2013 means for the data center

From a new app model to social networking, there's a lot to consider.

5 tips for working with SharePoint 2010

Useful and time-saving advanced techniques let you make the most of the tool

SharePoint 2010 cheat sheet

How to find your way around SharePoint 2010 and make the most of its features

First look: Windows Azure Active Directory preview

Our analyst suggests giving this Microsoft release for app developers a pass. Here's why

5 things Microsoft doesn't want you to know

As Microsoft tries to move toward the cloud while propping up Windows, Office, and other client-based money-makers, here are a few things it would rather not talk about

Microsoft System Center 2012: Streamlined cloud service management

Pricing and the task of putting together components have been vastly simplified in the System Center 2012 suite

Prevent your systems from being hijacked: A quick guide

You can thwart 'passing-the-hash' attacks by following these steps

The pros and cons of developing for the iPhone and Android

What you need to know before writing apps for either platform -- or for both

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