John L. Myers

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John Myers joined Enterprise Management Associates in 2011 as Senior Analyst of Business Intelligence (BI). In this role, John delivers comprehensive coverage of the business intelligence and data warehouse industry with a focus on database management, data integration, data visualization, and process management solutions.

John has years of experience working in areas related to business analytics in professional services consulting and product development roles. He has also helped organizations solve their business analytics problems whether they relate to operational platforms, such as customer care or billing, or applied analytical applications, such as revenue assurance or fraud management.

During his professional career, John has spent over 10 years working with business analytics implementations associated with the telecommunications industry. In this role, John has worked on reducing the complexity of the flood of data associated with the augmented role of telecommunications on everyday activities, including increased importance of smartphone and tablet applications; emerging role of over the top (OTT) video content (IPTV); and potential of machine to machine (M2M) connectivity for smart grids. John was recognized as a key component of the TeleManagement Forum's (TMForum) work on analytics-based content distribution as part of the TMForum's Content Encounter applied solution demonstration series in 2009.

In 2005, John founded the Blue Buffalo Group, a consulting and analysis firm that provides business intelligence expertise to outlets such as BeyeNetwork's Telecom Channel, the Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), and BillingOSS magazine, and go-to-market industry analysis that enables organizations to penetrate the telecommunications industry vertical. Prior to starting his own firm, John was a technical consulting principal for Subex (formerly Subex/Azure and Azure Solutions) and a senior systems consultant for American Management Systems (now CGI).

John's passions are rooted in analytics associated with the events of business process and the behavioral events of people to provide knowledge on various business models. He brings over fifteen years of experience to every client interaction.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of John L. Myers and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

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