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Starburst Enterprise, Galaxy updated to support on-prem connectivity, storage

The company has also integrated Databricks’ Unity Catalog governance tool to provide an additional metastore alongside AWS Glue, Hive HMS, and the Galaxy Metastore.

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Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs come to Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud now offers bare-metal instances with Nvidia H100 GPUs for AI training and inference and high-performance computing applications. Nvidia L40S GPUs are on the way.

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Send a message with Azure Notification Hubs

Azure Notification Hubs can deliver notifications to any device from any platform anywhere, without your having to manage all aspects of the messaging stack.


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Make Java fast! Performance tuning Java

Learn how to optimize JVM and JIT compiler performance for better execution speed, memory usage, and resource utilization in your Java applications—and how to check your results.

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Shiny R web framework arrives in Wasm

Shinylive R package exports Shiny R apps as Wasm-enabled Shinylive applications that run completely in a web browser.

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Generative AI most important technology ever, Oracle’s Ellison says

Generative AI fundamentally changes how apps will be built and run at Oracle, the company’s CTO and co-founder said.

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Oracle’s MySQL HeatWave gets Vector Store, generative AI features

The new generative AI capabilities and the Vector Store are currently in private preview.

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Intro to HTMX: Dynamic HTML without JavaScript

HTMX is the HTML extension syntax that replaces JavaScript with simple markup. It could change the course of web development.

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Intro to Winget: Microsoft's package manager for WIndows

Add, remove, and manage Windows applications from the command line using Winget, Microsoft's open source package manager.

Oracle Cloud World 2023

Oracle unveils its API-led generative AI service with Cohere’s LLMs

The new generative AI service, which is built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, is currently in limited availability.



Oracle’s Database 23c gets vector search to underpin generative AI use cases

The semantic search capabilities added to the database offering include a new vector data type, vector indexes, and vector search SQL operators.

Computerworld's 100 Best Places to Work in IT [2017] - Welcome to the Club

GitHub woos Bitbucket and Bamboo refugees

Atlassian will end support for Bitbucket Server and Bamboo Server in February 2024, and offers a cloud migration trial program to server product customers.

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JDK 21: The new features in Java 21

Java 21 has arrived in a production release with 15 features including virtual threads, a generational Z garbage collector, and a key encapsulation mechanism API.

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DataStax’s new JSON API targets JavaScript developers

The new API, which will be made available through DataStax’s Stargate, will allow JavaScript developers to leverage Astra DB as a vector database for their large language model (LLM), AI assistant, and real-time generative AI projects....

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Eclipse enterprise Java gathers steam, MicroProfile slips

Eclipse survey of enterprise Java developers shows Jakarta EE use on the rise, MicroProfile losing ground to Spring, and Kubernetes and microservices to be the top community priorities.