Jay Alabaster


Jay Alabaster is a reporter for IDG News Service based in Tokyo.

HP, NEC to develop next-generation x86 servers

The companies said they will expand their long partnership to speed the introduction of x86 to HP's Itanium-based server lineup

Apple seeks 'iWatch' trademark

The U.S. firm is widely rumored to be preparing for the launch of a watch-like wearable smart device

Yahoo moves to bolster Flickr on phones, acquires photo app developer

Internet giant continues its buying spree, acquiring mobile app firm GhostBirdSoft and conference calling firm Rondee

External server disk storage sales drop for first time since 2009, says IDC

The data vendor said worldwide factory income slipped 0.9 percent during the first quarter

Fujitsu 'world's thinnest' laptop has 11-hour battery, three times Full HD

The company's new Haswell-based Ultrabook will go on sale later this month as part of its Lifebook line of laptops

Samsung profits soar on smartphones, tablets; high hopes for Galaxy S 4

Profits rose 42 percent in the first quarter to a record-high $6.4 billion as the electronics behemoth's core products increased market share

Anonymous calls for Internet blackout to protest CISPA

The planned blackout is similar to a widespread campaign last year to protest SOPA but appears to have far less traction

Twitter for Windows 8 released

The new app adds tablet-friendly landscape view, Windows charms, and notifications

Microsoft has access issues with Hotmail, Outlook, SkyDrive services

Issues in Microsoft's online email were unresolved nearly four hours after users complained they were unable to use their accounts

Can Samsung innovate?

The Korean giant now dominates the smartphone and tablet era, but it is built for steady progress rather than big breakthroughs

Samsung locks up Sharp as long-time screen provider

Samsung will invest $110 million in ailing Sharp in a deal that deepens their ties and is a possible blow for Apple

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