Jason Bock

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Jason Bock is a practice lead at Magenic and a Microsoft MVP (C#). He has 20 years of experience working on a number of business applications using a diverse set of frameworks and languages, including C#, .Net, and JavaScript.

Jason is the author of Metaprogramming in .Net, Applied .Net Attributes, and CIL Programming: Under the Hood of .Net.

Jason has written numerous articles on software development and has presented at a number of conferences and user group meetings. He is a leader of the Twin Cities Code Camp. Jason holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Marquette University.

Visit his website, JasonBock.net, for more information.

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Keeping bridges intact

Sprinting when necessary

Sprinting when necessary

We always seem to be under pressure to just code faster. But how sustainable is that? And how can we handle those cases when we need to push harder?

What to do when adversity comes

What to do when adversity comes

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Now more than ever, work on coding fundamentals

Now more than ever, work on coding fundamentals

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Listening to advice will make you a better developer

Listening to advice will make you a better developer

Some of the best lessons about software development aren't even about writing code

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