Jaikumar Vijayan

Jaikumar Vijayan is a freelance technology writer specializing in computer security and privacy topics. Disclosure: He also writes for Hewlett-Packard's marketing website TechBeacon.

IRS makes tax refund scams harder but W-2 phishing attacks continue unabated

Tips for negotiating with cyber extortionists

Tips for negotiating with cyber extortionists

Whether you are opposed to it or not, enterprises need to have a plan for negotiating with people who take their data hostage

5 tips for better enterprise security

5 tips for better enterprise security

Do your security policies and procedures actually promote better security, or is your company only looking for known malware and ignoring the human factor?

Data shows Home Depot breach could be largest ever

The breach occurred at nearly all of Home Depot's 2200 U.S. stores

Shadow cloud services pose a growing risk to enterprises

Non-approved SaaS apps are growing rapidly and pose serious risks for enterprises, says PwC

Bill to require warrant for email searches gains ground in House

So far, 218 members have co-sponsored the measure to update the privacy protections for electronic communications

With the Internet of things, smart buildings pose big risk

As buildings get more automated, they raise new security risks

Emails shed light on Google's work with NSA

Exchanges between NSA director and Google execs suggest cooperation on data security

IT shops losing control over technology

IT consumerization is exacerbating a shift in tech spending, but IT is still held accountable for integrating the technologies securely

FTC can sue companies hit with data breaches, court says

Agency secures major victory in legal battle with Wyndham Worldwide hotel operator

6 ways the Internet of things will transform enterprise security

Even benign consumer appliances could pose a security threat to enterprises

Business groups see IT shops as roadblocks to data analytics projects

Many prefer going it alone to cobble together analytics strategies rather than relying on IT, an IDC survey says

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