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Microsoft augments JavaScript for large-scale development

In an extension to JavaScript, Microsoft provides static typing, classes and modularization

Liveblog: Eric Schmidt details Google's mobile strategy

The chairman of the giant behind the Android OS and Chrome OS sketches out Google's mobile future

Digital Equipment Corp. co-founder Ken Olsen dies at age 84

Olsen pioneered the computer industry's move from mainframes to minicomputers

Apple to give iPhone 4 users free cases

The move comes after reports about antenna and reception problems that Steve Jobs says are being blown out of proportion

Carl Icahn's letter to Roy Bostock

In his letter to Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock, billionaire investor Carl Icahn calls Microsoft's bid of $33 per share 'a superior alternative to Yahoo's prospects on a standalone basis'

Ballmer's withdrawal letter to Yang

Microsoft CEO says it is not sensible to take Microsoft's offer directly to Yahoo shareholders as that would necessarily involve a protracted proxy contest

Microsoft's offer to Yahoo's board

CEO Steve Ballmer offers Yahoo a 62 percent premium above its closing price and cites the ways in which the companies might work together in the online marketplace

Sept. 11 attacks prompt changes in other nations

Databases, video surveillance, and other security measures in place throughout Europe

Intel, Baidu to jointly develop search apps

Google rival aims to let users to access Baidu search services on handsets and home devices

RIAA files 754 new file-trading lawsuits

Many defendants are users of university networks

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