Howard Wen

Howard Wen ( is a longtime contributor to Computerworld. He specializes in explainer guides, how-tos, and reviews of office applications and productivity tools.

15 things to know about 'Office 15'

The next version of Microsoft Office is expected later this year. Here are tidbits we know about the overall suite

7 office suites for Android devices

Want to take your work with you? These office suites make it possible to view and edit your documents on an Android device

5 office suites for Android smartphones

We look at five Android office suites that allow you to create and edit word processing docs, spreadsheets, and presentations

7 free Windows tune-up tools and tips

Here's how to fix, clean, and maintain Windows using programs you can download now for free

8 apps that help you chat across IM services

These cross-platform IM apps let you use just one application to access your accounts from multiple IM networks

Java solutions profile: Java Web conferencing

Developers of Glance, Vyew, WebHuddle, and The Switchboard talk about using Java to create real-time audio and video services online.

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